Hannah Rosenberg / Sun Assistant Photography Editor

Cornellians await pre-enrollment as administration figures out complexities of instruction for the fall semester.

July 6, 2020

For the Fourth Time, Cornell Pushes Back Fall 2020 Course Enrollment

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Cornell delayed pre-enrollment for the fourth time as it tries to account for the underlying complexities of instruction and scheduling for the upcoming semester. Currently, there is no set date for fall course registration. 

Since the University opted for a hybrid model as the planned mode of instruction for the fall, the administration is currently revising layouts to account for social distancing guidelines for about 2,000 classrooms, while taking into account “faculty and teaching assistant preferences for instructional modality.”

Faculty members now have the option to hold in-person or completely online instruction, and Cornell is revamping the course roster, aiming to release it by the end of July. After Cornell updates the course roster, it plans to release pre-enrollment information soon after.

Pre-enrollment for the fall semester was originally slated to take place from April 13 to April 22 for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors. After President Martha E. Pollack suspended in-person instruction for the rest of the spring semester, Cornell pushed pre-enrollment by two weeks — from April 27 to May 6 — to give students time to adjust to the sudden shift to online classes.

In late April, Cornell pushed back pre-enrollment to take place from mid to late June, in an effort to alleviate the stress associated with completing coursework online. Once more, Cornell delayed course registration in May to take place somewhere between early to mid July.

Students must inform the University of their intended place of residence for the fall and agree to the behavioral compact, before they can pre-enroll in courses for the fall semester, Cornell’s COVID-19 related states.