Travelers arriving at airports in New York State will be required to fill out a form and complete a 14-day quarantine.

Boris Tsang / Sun Photography Editor

Travelers arriving at airports in New York State will be required to fill out a form and complete a 14-day quarantine.

July 21, 2020

5,000 Cornell Students Live in States Affected by New York Travel Advisory, Required 14-Day Quarantine

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Last updated Tuesday, August 4: Delaware and Washington, D.C. were removed from the list of restricted states, and Rhode Island was added.

Thursday, July 30: Cornell officials said in an email to students on Thursday night that it will not provide quarantine housing to students coming to Ithaca from states affected by New York’s travel advisory. Read more on the change here.

As thousands of Cornellians prepare to return to campus, students from 34 states and Puerto Rico will have to come back to Ithaca two weeks before classes begin in order to comply with New York’s COVID-19 travel advisory. If the same states are restricted in August, around 5,000 undergrads will be impacted.

With classes set to begin Sept. 2, students from restricted states should plan to arrive in Ithaca by Aug. 17, according to Cornell’s move-in information website. The University initially said it would provide students planning to live on campus with a quarantine location and meals, but reversed course on Thursday, telling students they have to complete their 14-day quarantine in New York or another state not restricted by the travel advisory, or plan to begin the semester online. Students in off-campus housing will need to stay put at their residences.

New York’s restriction is based on a seven-day rolling average of a rate of positive tests greater than 10 percent or a rate of positive cases larger than 10 per 100,000 residents.

As of Tuesday, the following jurisdictions are affected by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order. In parentheses is the number of Cornell undergraduate students from the state, according to University data from Fall 2019.

  • Alabama (20)
  • Alaska (7)
  • Arizona (100)
  • Arkansas (5)
  • California (1,318)
  • Florida (558)
  • Georgia (168)
  • Idaho (11)
  • Illinois (337)
  • Indiana (55)
  • Iowa (15)
  • Kansas (34)
  • Kentucky (19)
  • Louisiana (20)
  • Maryland (406)
  • Minnesota (103)
  • Mississippi (6)
  • Missouri (55)
  • Montana (5)
  • Nebraska (14)
  • Nevada (39)
  • New Mexico (28)
  • North Carolina (146)
  • North Dakota (4)
  • Ohio (248)
  • Oklahoma (21)
  • Puerto Rico (32)
  • Rhode Island (27)
  • South Carolina (27)
  • Tennessee (46)
  • Texas (435)
  • Utah (22)
  • Virginia (361)
  • Washington (133)
  • Wisconsin (52)