July 23, 2020

SEX ON THURSDAY | The Double Dipper

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In February, my roommate and I found two boys who were also roommates. We lived in the same dorm, so it was easy to sneak into their room for smoke sessions and late-night conversations when the weekends came. Little did I know that the cute relationship we had would get fucked because of one person who pushed things a little too far.

At the time, we were a strong group of four, and between all of us the sexual tension was manageable. But one night, only one of the guys, LG, came over to our room to chill. The three of us smoked together for a while, but the sexual tension between LG and my roommate started boiling over, and I knew I had to remove myself or else be in danger of cock-blocking my roomy.

I found out the next morning that they had fucked. And apparently, it wasn’t pretty. She had a number of complaints about him; giving him low scores for eating her out, subtracting points for having trouble putting on the condom and shaking with nervousness, amongst others. Her scathing review disappointed me as due to LG’s physical appearance, I expected him to be out there breaking backs. I felt bad for him, but I was also quite nervous for the fate of our group. I knew from her comments that this had been a one-time thing and was not going to develop into an entanglement of any kind. How would this affect our group dynamic? Well, after that night, we as a foursome took some time away from each other for obvious and unspoken reasons.

LG’s roommate and I were still on texting terms, and after a few weeks passed, he mentioned a party that the two of them were going to hit up. I was all in, but my roommate decided to skip. That night, while we were pre-gaming in their room, I still felt bad for LG. I hugged him and asked him how he was doing. He returned my somber look, confirming the fact that he knew what I was referring to. “I’m okay,” he responded. We continued pregaming, and then hit the road, ready to have a good fucking time!

The party was the lamest shit I’d ever seen. The music wasn’t created for dancing, it was made for jumping … otherwise known as EDM. The alcohol had me swaying a bit, but it wasn’t enough. I took turns “dancing” with the guys. LG’s roomy and I went to the front of the party to “dance” side-by-side. It was super innocent. Then LG and I went up to the front by ourselves. When we got near the DJ’s booth, he got behind me. I thought our dancing was platonic, until the next time we saw LG’s roomy. He told us he was heading back to the dorms. Hmm … how convenient.

But I didn’t pay ten dollars to leave so quickly — I decided to roll with the suspicious circumstances. So, we went back near the DJ’s booth and started dancing with a little more energy. He started kissing my neck. That threw me. And then we decided to take a break. We were standing side-by-side and he tried to kiss my lips … again, and then again. I put my head down, not knowing how else to react … what the hell is he thinking?? Why is he trying to fuck me?

Even after we got in the Uber, he was rubbing my thigh, clearly under the impression that I would change my mind and welcome his advances that night. Well, I didn’t. And I never said anything throughout that night because, to be honest, I was horny and totally okay with everything he did. His only mistake? Crossing boundaries.

LG knew that me and my roommate were friends. That’s a line that you just don’t cross. Not only did their awkward little hook-up mess up our foursome’s groove temporarily (which was fine), but then he tried doing it again … with me. And I had just comforted him about the touchy sitch on that same night!

I’m not mad he was being a hoe … but out of all the girls around he had to double dip from the same dorm room? You wanna have sex with one of us? Fine. But leave it there; don’t try to fuck everybody in the group. In fact, if he would’ve hit on me as smoothly as he had before having sex with my roommate, I would have let him do a lot more than kiss my neck, that’s for sure. All I’m saying is, don’t cross boundaries … it might save you a rejection.

What do you think? Should everyone be allowed to double dip regardless of the circumstances? Email me your thoughts at [email protected]!


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