August 6, 2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: RE: ‘Shift in Quarantine Process Enhances Public Health’

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To the Editor:

Let me start by saying that I have great respect for anybody who has to take responsibility for the lives of others during this pandemic. And while any leader should be given leeway when there are so many unknowns, it is important to differentiate between “talking points” and “lines of reasoning,” especially at a university. I have now read “Shift in Quarantine Process Enhances Public Health” by Provost Michael Kotlikoff and Vice President Ryan Lombardi three times and cannot understand the lines of reasoning or even find the sentences that describe how public health will be enhanced by the shift in the quarantine process. The last sentence of this article says, “Please take care of yourselves and each other.” Does this mean that the writers think that public health is enhanced by having the students, some of whom are freshmen and transfers who have never been to Ithaca, find quarantine housing on their own, rather than go to housing arranged by Cornell University? Please explain.

Prof. Randy Wayne, Plant Biology