September 23, 2020

SEX ON THURSDAY | Tips for Finding Your P Spot

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Growing up, the butt is the butt of homophobic jokes. But really, the funny thing is how few people know how amazing the right kind of action can feel between those cheeks. This energy used to harass queer folk is poorly misdirected. Cornellians, I am proud to announce that your anus holds one of the greatest gifts. As someone who has been jerking off since middle school, I have found time and time again that I am in the same predicament. How can I explode my spunk even harder? The solution: Find your p spot. It is a sexual discovery in its own right. I promise you will have the time of your life.

I decided that the butt was off limits early on in my sexual experimentation. Whether it would have officially made me “gay” or I was just too uncomfortable with my body, I wasn’t ready to explore my hole. However, let me tell you a little something. When I finally decided I was ready to penetrate my hole, I began one of the most fulfilling and satisfying journeys in my life. The sex has been mind-blowing. I have never felt more powerful and sexy. I truly started to understand what my body wanted, even needed. I found out that I want cock to rub my prostate to the point where I ejaculate all over my chest.  I am telling all my fellow peers with prostates to go buy some lube and get ready to loosen their holes up.


Tips For Finding (and Enjoying) Your P Spot

  1. The first couple times you explore your hole is gonna feel unnatural. Your hole has not been trained for penetration. It will take a couple times for your hole to not tense up as you try to loosen yourself. Start slowly and use lots and lots of lube. My personal go-to is Astroglide Water-Based Gel Lube. What I do is stick one finger in until my nail is fully in. Then, I rotate the finger around the rim of my hole until I feel loose enough to stick a second finger in there. If you’re looking to get penetrated by means of cock or pegging, I suggest that you’re able to stick three fingers inside of you prior to penetration to ensure maximum pleasure.
  2. Make sure your fingernails are cut. I’ll spare you the explanation.
  3. If interacting with scat worries you, you can either invest in a douche or find a clean plastic water bottle. Both have worked efficiently for me. As someone who has accidentally shit on a few people, I always try to douche anytime I decide to explore my hole. In good measures, I must mention that doctors suggest douching only once a week.
  4. If you find yourself too tight, I would invest in a butt plug. Treat your hole like you would treat your muscles in the gym. Try to get a couple of butt plug insertions in each day. Like reps, challenge yourself to keep the butt plug in longer and longer each time. Over time, you will find your hole loosens up more easily. It will make for a much easier time.
  5. Here you are. You’re loosened up, you don’t feel dirty, and you feel ready to find your prostate. You will want to run one (lubed) finger up the upper wall of your rectum. That is the side where your cock is. As you slide up, you will eventually feel a part that will *hopefully* send nerves throughout your body that you have never felt before. Bingo, you have found your p spot. For some people, it might feel like you’re going over a hill, for others, it might feel like you’re going over a speed bump. Prostates, like most other body parts, come in all different sizes.
  6. If you are looking to invest in a vibrator, a dildo or you find yourself looking for an ideal cock on Grindr, you need to ensure that the object that is penetrating you is curved — it is the most optimal. I have found that six-inch cocks that curved upwards hit my p spot the best.
  7. A note about toys: You want to make sure they are made of silicon and not rubber. Also buy something you like, or at least feel comfortable with, and will actually use. I once bought a life-like rubber dildo, and it terrifies me every time I see it. It has not seen the light of day for quite some time.
  8. Congrats on finding your hidden p spot! I’m sorry it took you so long to find it, so now you will have to seize the moment and make up for lost time. Leave room for what you will do with this discovery! Finding your p spot now leaves the door wide open for unexplored sexual activity. Invest in vibrators. Have your partner find your p spot. Invest in a strap-on. Go wild!


Working up to find your p spot takes time. Ensuring you’re in a comfortable position with yourself or your partner is vital. But once you learn to love your hole, sex and pleasure will never be the same.
Dick N. Diaz is a student at Cornell University. Comments can be sent to [email protected]. Sex on Thursday runs every Thursday this semester.