Art by Cecilia Lu

November 5, 2020

LU | Post-Election Self Care

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In a break-less semester, in an election week of uncertainty, in that point of classes where one feels constantly behind on something, I’ve decided to forestall my anticipated article this week in favor of some recommendations instead — for myself and for whomever may be reading this.

  1. For grounding in oneself: angel Kyodo William’s Exercise for Connecting 
  2. More satisfying than a scroll: NYT Election Distractor
  3. Comfort music: My picks are The Japanese House and Maggie Rogers
  4. Stop scrolling through information feeding sites for a bit, whether that’s news, election results, Twitter, Instagram etc. If anything, close this Sun tab!!

Breathing Room was created to honor the safety I’ve found in art, music, books, movies, etc. that I am honored to share every two weeks. But in realizing the personal anxiety I’ve experienced surrounding this election cycle that I know is not unique, I also want to honor the fact that we are already caught in an onslaught of media reportage.
This week’s Breathing Room is an encouragement to us all to stop for a moment and remind ourselves that, yes, we are privileged to have time and air to breathe, and most importantly, to stop and take that breath.


Cecilia Lu is a junior in the College of Architecture, Art and Planning. She can be reached at [email protected]Breathing Room runs alternate Thursdays this semester.