November 5, 2020

SEX ON THURSDAY | Expand Your Horizons

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Make out. Feel each other up. Oral. Missionary. Cum. Stare at the ceiling for 5 minutes and talk. Leave. Does this routine sound familiar? Do you feel stuck in a constant cycle of boring vanilla sex? Are you wondering how to put your sexual fantasies into action? I am here to share how I, Dick N. Diaz, decided to break this cycle and explore some of my wildest thoughts and fantasies. Sex, in its true complicated nature, is all about experimenting. Not everything feels great, but some things feel orgasmic. It is up to you to trial-and-error to figure out your kinks and tricks that make you cum extra hard. 

For me, I have always been curious about double penetration. The act of stretching your hole as far as it can go is quite the site. Porn videos make it act like it’s super easy to do. All you need are two dicks, right? I had been mulling over the thought of having two men thrust their cocks into me for quite some time, but I wasn’t quite ready to go through with the act. I am going to outline some steps to identify the moment where I knew I was ready to have multiple dicks in my hole. 

  1.     I became more communicative during sex. I will say that starting off, I had a hard time talking during sex. You feel a lot of different emotions and sensations during sex, and it can be hard to put them into words. While moaning is obviously a civil workaround to this issue, it will not suffice when you start to explore your kinks. You need to be the one in control of your fantasy. You need to be able to work people through that fantasy, whether it be telling them to go harder because it feels so damn good or telling them to change it up because it doesn’t. Your sexual partner is there to help please you, remember that. 
  2.   I had trust in the partners I was sleeping with. With double penetration, you are dealing with multiple members. Before I decided to have them both inside me, I had to ensure that I felt comfortable with them. You also need to see if they are willing to work with you. Trial-and-erroring takes efforts from both parties. 
  3.   I had to ensure my hole was safely prepped to be stretched that far. While I personally didn’t use this approach, there are devices available to help stretch your hole out. Doing so is like training, the more practice you put in, the better your results are. People who use these training devices are individuals interested in taking fatter cocks, dildos, or — like me — interested in double penetration.
  4.   Finally, with any group sex scenarios, you need to ensure that everyone is going have a good time. Now you’re probably wondering, how can one tell if a threesome/foursome/fivesome is going to be fun? From my experience in dozens of these settings, the answer lies upon the first three points I talked about. Everyone needs to be outgoing, comfortable, and friendly — especially if things get messy. If that boy is unable to hold a conversation at the bar, he definitely won’t be able to hold a conversation in the bedroom either. 

My first time doing double penetration was during one of my best threesomes.

Everyone was getting along, and the vibe felt right. It also didn’t hurt that their cocks were the perfect length and width. I decided to seize the opportunity and fulfill my fantasy. We all worked together, for teamwork makes the dream work. In fact, the end result was so intense and satisfying, we did it several more times in future sessions. 

As humans, I think it is our duty to explore our sexuality. If we are not exploring what makes us get rock hard, then can we really say that we know ourselves that well? It can be hard to put your fantasies into action. Make sure you are personally prepared to go through with the fantasy before you try to rope in some partners. Let your imagination run free, it’s your body and it’s up to you to find all the doors and secret passages that you didn’t know existed. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


Dick N. Diaz is a student at Cornell University. Comments may be sent to [email protected]. Sex on Thursday runs every Thursday this semester.