March 15, 2021

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Bursting Through the Clouds

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On Saturday, The Sun sat down to elect another editorial board, its 139th, this time from small boxes on our screens. This stellar cast joins the thousands who came before, eager to embrace this monumental task of making a paper. 

These editors and managers are some of the most compassionate and curious people I’ve met, and I am honored to work for them as we stare into a future we cannot see. I cannot witness the earnest work of these journalists, past and present, and not believe in hope. 

When my predecessor sat down to write her first message to readers as editor in chief, she said the 138th board was “equipped and eager to embrace the unpredictable upcoming year.” Little did she know we’d weather a pandemic and a staff scattered across the globe. The Sun persisted in this fraction of our history, trudged through grief and uncertainty and came face to face with existential questions about our future — as both a publication and  a community. Now, we look out onto the horizon again with an unwavering promise to stick to our core.

We are here to work for you, as we have been since 1880. Still, we ask big questions and imagine new possibilities. Still, we uncover messy and complicated truths and tell the stories that emerge. In the 141st year of The Sun, we will navigate new challenges and new depths. Through them, we promise to push toward a fuller story, beyond a singular or simple one. 

We thank you for your support as we learn and grow. Your eyes and ears urge us to be better and hold us accountable. So, as we stretch our capacity for wonder in this next year, I hope you’ll join us for the ride. 

— K.S.