March 15, 2021

The Cornell Daily Sun Welcomes Its 139th Editorial Board

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Those of us who thought that an hour and 15 minute lecture was bad learned a new meaning of Zoom fatigue — on Saturday, The Cornell Daily Sun elected its 139th editorial board after 10 hours and 18 minutes. But The Sun’s longest Zoom call to date brought to life a new board full of imaginative and eager Sunnies who will continue to deliver the paper you all love with a little added fun and flare. 

The brains of The Sun is our editor in chief, Kathryn Stamm ’22. Kathryn is hopping from her post as a news editor and a brief stint on photo (her sourdough is even on our Instagram) to lead the paper to the skies. Not only does she bring the sunshine with her personality, which we can thank the far-off land of Indiana for, but with her IDP training we have yet to encounter someone who can LARA quite like she can. 

Meandering down the masthead we meet our managing editor, Madeline Rosenberg ’23. We all are quite comfortable bowing down to this new objective departments queen, who as an assistant news editor schooled us all on Sunstyle, mastered the student reactions beat and won the coveted “Most Valuable Desker” award. We asked Madeline, “If you could rename yourself what would you pick?” Interestingly enough she chose “Hannah,” but I’m still trying to figure out why. Ruling by her side is assistant managing editor Anil Oza ’22, a wild card who always Slack reacts with Bill Nye ’77 and Dr. Anthony Fauci M.D. ’61 gifs (can you tell he’s a former science editor?). He’s the type of guy who will sit in the dirt with light-wash jeans to make space for someone else. Objective is lucky to be led by someone so willing to take one for the team. 

Associate editor Catherine St. Hilaire ’22 has added this role to the many jobs she works around campus. When you can’t track her down in the dorm where she’s an RA, we suggest you check Goldie’s Cafe where she makes the sandwiches or on-campus doing research — and if you’re lucky enough, The Sun office downtown. She hopes to make the phrase “Heard it” part of The Sun’s regular vocabulary. The subjective side has been left in her care alongside opinion editor Odeya Rosenband ’22 who similarly hails from Long Island, New York, and is one of the coolest kids at Cornell. She is excited to be at the helm of subjective and has helped us through these past few weeks with her infamous Kahoots. We’re starting to wonder if she has a secret advertising deal with them. 

Actually running our ad deals is advertising manager Pranav Kengeri ’24 who alongside business manager Anushya Alandur ’23 will make us all the money. 

With an editorial board that is noticeably lacking computer expertise (despite our operating almost entirely virtually now), web editor Naomi Koh ’23 is here to help with her extensive knowledge of WordPress, her shockingly fast response time and her wealth of ideas. Thankfully, she will be joined by Yubin Heo ’22 to respond to our WordPress questions and help us add all the widgets and special pages that our hearts desire.

News editor Tamara Kamis ’22 has made her official switch to news after gracefully straddling news and science for the past two years. Continuing with her check-ins, she’ll make sure we all eat, sleep and take care of ourselves this year. Vee Cipperman ’23 adds the news editor title to her CV alongside “podcast star,” and promises to keep us all on deadline with her master delegation skills. Nooroo Umar ’23 has reported across the globe from Ithaca, New York to Lahore, Pakistan, but she’s settling down this year to contribute to our little team. Jyothsna Bolleddula ’24 is a true gem with a contagious laugh and an unending dedication to her sources. There’s more where that comes from with the newest assistant news editors, Mihika ‘California sunshine’ Badjate ’23, Surita ‘off to breakout rooms’ Basu ’23, Angela ‘I’ll write that’ Bunay ’24 and Kayla ‘here’s a source’ Riggs ’24, rounding off the team. 

And we just can’t get enough of our newest city editor John Yoon ’23, the punniest of them all.

Science is in the trusting care of Saloma Ayoub ’22, who lightens the mood with her thoughtful and endearing questions, and Srishti Tyagi ’22 who never hesitates to come over and say “hi” in the office. This dynamic duo will have no shortage of content as we deal with COVID and vaccines.  

Sports editor Luke Pichini ’22 and assistant sports editors Aaron Snyder ’23, Liam Monahan ’24 and Will Bodenman ’23 continue to wait eagerly for Ivy League sports to resume. In the meantime they bring smiles to the breakout rooms they enter and to their fellow objective deskers. 

As we struggle to find fitting photos for our stories, we can all breathe easy now that we have photo editor and Sun Instagram influencer Hannah Rosenberg ’23 stepping up to the plate. When asked, “If you could rename yourself what would you pick?” she interestingly enough chose “Madeline,” and I’ve only just now made the connection. Hannah will be joined by Julia ‘Nagel bagel’ Nagel ’24 whose portraits tell a story of the campus she’s known primarily through screens. This year they are tackling photo credits, who knew a back-slash could cause such drama? 

Design editor Kristen D’Souza ’24, plans to keep The Sun looking beautiful with layout editor Puja Oak ’24. With their talent and unmatchable understanding of InDesign, we can no longer get by with rash designs and wonky print headlines. As we are in the office, working quickly to get ourselves home and the paper out, we will think fondly of production editor Annie Wu ’22 who must stay long after objective and subjective have finished their pages. Graphics editor and our very own Picasso Maria Mendoza ’24 will also aid the effort as this powerful team makes sure that everything is looking much cleaner than it seems to be. 

Opinion lost a columnist to the arts section’s benefit as Wendy Wang ’24 steps in to lead. She is joined by podcast star Emma Leynse ’23, who is the quickest learner, and Sunspots veteran John Colie ’23, whose oddly specific fun facts and section updates make our days. 

After long desking nights, when the temptation to turn to the Commons for dinner,we fear that die-hard midwesterner Benjamin Velani ’22 and master cake decorator Mel Clute ’22 might make resisting that call that much more difficult as they lead the dining department to new sweet heights. 

Continuing our most creative work beyond print is our multimedia content, led by the fearless Amaya Aranda ’23, who’s bringing her news reporting experience to the job. Moving from his stint in multimedia to tackle our social media is Noah Alpers ’22, who will fill our newest editorship. Get ready for the likes, the follows and the retweets to start pouring in.

Stepping into recruitment is Meghana Srivastava ’23, our compet manager. She’ll be the first friendly face our newest Sunnies meet, and she’ll give even more people the chance to experience the hectic newsroom she worked in as an assistant news editor. 

And just so you don’t forget about us, Sasha Abayeva ’24 has entered the valiant role of newsletter editor. As you are all asleep in your beds, Sasha will be rising with the sun to make sure that we are at the top of your inbox.