April 19, 2021

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: That Crushing Sadness Isn’t Seasonal!

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To the Editor:

You’ve spent the whole winter complaining about Ithaca. Every morning you would wake up, make the long commute from your bed to your desk (or treat yourself and forget the commute all together) and log into a class. Out of sheer boredom — because things that were uninteresting in person don’t get any better via your laptop screen — you look to your window for some glimmer of hope when instead, you see snow and feel a bitter chill through the pane of glass. You’re sad, you curse Ithaca, you curse this institution and promise yourself that when the sun returns and the cherry blossoms find their way to the Arts Quad, you’ll feel better. 

Guess what, the cherry blossoms found their way. The sun is back. But, you don’t feel better. That acknowledgement of bitter cold has been replaced with the longing to frolic in the Arts Quad as if you don’t have a prelim tomorrow that you have yet to start studying for. Hey, even Ctrl + F has its limits. 

That crushing sadness from the winter doesn’t seem like it’s ready to leave you anytime soon. Professors keep piling on assignments, the temperature keeps rising and with it, the unending stress of this university climbs too. Don’t lose hope though! The administration gave you FOUR WHOLE WELLNESS DAYS, except Saturday and Sunday are weekends you should be entitled to and who the hell still has classes on Fridays and Mondays anyways? 

Oh well, keep your chin up. Maybe that well-deserved break coming up will help, but  you might have to stay up for the 72 hours after to play catch up. Make some room: the sadness might be here to stay and you don’t want it to feel uncomfortable. 

Someone Who May or May Not Be Rooting for You in This Fight

This piece is part of The Sun’s April 20 joke issue series. For more, visit https://cornellsun.com/category/four-twenty/twentyone/.