August 25, 2021


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Good morning! Wipe the summertime slumber from your eyes, it’s time to get up.

As slow and sleepy as your summer may (or may not) have been — filled perhaps with lingering goodbyes, long hours at the virtual office or lounging in the sun — let me remind you that classes begin. Tomorrow. 

Don’t fret, though, there’s still time to map out your class schedule and get ready to weave from quad to quad. For some of you this is the first time after summer or since March 2020 or ever, but regardless it’s time to reacquaint yourself with Cornell. Our place atop the Hill keeps shifting from semester to semester, but campus has sprung alive yet again, now full with that familiar laughter. 

The quads and streets and buildings (old and new) are filled with the energy of the new year and of new faces. The constant crowds of bleary-eyed families and bright-eyed first-years have reminded this old senior of the excitement and hope that comes with the new — including this new year for all of us.

While you wind through the year, The Sun will be here to greet you each morning — in your inboxes, on your feeds and in piles across campus — with the news for the day and our best answers to all your questions. Before you drag yourself out of bed and up the Slope, the day’s paper will be waiting, and I hope you’ll read through the headlines, to stay in touch with this complex and beautiful campus.

I can’t tell what this year will bring or what turns we’ll find, but it’s time for another year, another dawn. Good luck and remember to have some fun!

— K.S.