Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor

On the first day of classes, students line up at Goldie's, the cafe in the Physical Sciences Building, for coffee, snacks and sandwiches.

August 27, 2021

What’s Open, Closed and Coming Soon: A Guide to Cornell Dining

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The sight of students studying in a packed Libe Cafe, drinks in hand, reminds passersby that Cornell Dining has transitioned to a new normal. While some COVID precautions remain in place, including masking when not dining and regular cleaning, more cafes have reopened this fall for dining in.

Students are encouraged to order online on the GET Mobile app, which limits contact time with staff. Self service payment options are also available. Here are the cafes open this fall as Cornell’s campus once again bustles with students. 

Newly Opened:

Crossings Cafe:

Crossings Cafe has opened in the newly constructed Toni Morrison Hall on North Campus. It offers coffee, tea, smoothies, salads, sandwiches and quesadillas.

Mann Cafe:

Mann Cafe serves sandwiches, tea, coffee and burritos in Mann Library, replacing Manndible Cafe after it closed last May.

Closed, Paused, Merged:

Carol’s Cafe 

Carol’s Cafe is located in Balch Hall, which is currently under renovation and is in use this fall as a quarantine and isolation space. It is currently closed, according to the Cornell Dining website.

Manndible Cafe and Fork and Gavel Kitchen 

Both Manndible Cafe and Fork and Gavel Kitchen closed in May 2021 after CALS did not renew Manndible Cafe’s contract. The two businesses had been co-owned by Pam Gueldner and Kathleen Pasetty, and were beloved by many students, faculty and staff.

Ivy Room

The Ivy Room has merged with Okenshields Dining Room. According to the University, the merger will increase Okenshield’s capacity and make the dining area more accessible with a new elevator installation.

Returning Locations:

North Campus:

Bear Necessities: Bear Necessities, located on the first floor of Robert Purcell Community Center, sells grilled and fried comfort food along with convenience store staples.

West Campus:

Jansen’s Market: Jansen’s Market provides food and living basics for students along with fresh and frozen meals. It is located in the Noyes Community Recreation Center.

Central Campus:

Atrium Cafe: sells coffee and snacks in Sage Hall.

Amit Bhatia Libe Café: a coffee shop and cafe in Olin Library.

The Big Red Barn: both a cafe and a social center for professional and graduate students. The eatery reopened after closing for a full academic year.

Trillium: a food court in Kennedy Hall, and is open until mid-afternoon.

Bus Stop Bagels: sells bagels and coffee for breakfast and lunch beside Trillium in Kennedy Hall.

Cafe Jennie: sells sandwiches, pastries, drinks and other cafe options in The Cornell Store.

Cornell Dairy Bar: The cafe in Stocking Hall sells Cornell Dairy ice cream and other items.

Franny’s Food Truck: sells Asian-inspired food next to Sibley Hall.

Goldie’s: sells breakfast, lunch and snacks in the Physical Sciences Building on Central Campus.

Green Dragon: sells coffee and snacks in Sibley Hall.

Martha’s Cafe: sells coffee, tea, drinks and deli items in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall.

Mattin’s Cafe: sells food in Duffield Hall.

Rusty’s: sells coffee and snacks in Uris Hall.

Straight from the Market: offers takeaway meals in Willard Straight Hall.

For a full list of hours and offerings, visit the Cornell dining website.