Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor

The Student Assembly passed three resolutions in a two hour long meeting covering COVID-19 risk, financial aid delays and disagreements with the Convocation Committee.

September 5, 2021

THIS WEEK IN PHOTOS | Sept. 5, 2021

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On Tuesday, students eat and work outside on North Campus and enjoy the nice weather. As part of the North Campus Residential Expansion, two new dorms — Ganędagǫ Hall and Toni Morrison Hall — were completed over the summer and are occupied this fall by first-year students. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)
In a typical year, Balch Hall is a dorm for first-year female-identified students. But this fall, it is being used as Covid quarantine housing. On Tuesday, the courtyard sits empty, blocked off to through traffic. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)
Erin Connolly ​​’23 (left), and Mia Hause ’22 (right) stand in their exhibition, Until the Bliss of All This Hurts, in the Tjaden Hall Experimental Gallery on Tuesday. The two artists dedicated their summers to this project, working together to create the pieces on display. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)
On Wednesday, students don their raincoats and grab their umbrellas. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)
Students eat and work in Olin Library on Wednesday. This week was the first full week of classes. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)
Naomi Jaffe battles for the ball. On Thursday, Cornell Women’s Soccer played Niagara University, losing 5-2. Cornell refused to let such a big lead discourage them, scoring its first goal just short of 70 minutes into the game when they were down by five points, followed by a second goal a few minutes later. (Hannah Rosenberg/Sun Photography Editor)
Students sit on the slope on Friday and enjoy the sunset at the start of a long weekend. Last fall, Cornellians did not have Labor Day off. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)