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September 6, 2021

LETTER FROM THE EDITORS: Arts & Culture Adds New Direction to Arts Section

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Dear Readers,

We are excited to announce a revamp of The Sun’s Arts & Entertainment section.

With a fresh mission, we are happy to introduce you to the new Arts & Culture section. Arts & Culture represents a broadening of the previous Arts & Entertainment section to include content that covers more than just entertainment. Societal issues and creative output are inextricably linked — Arts & Culture strives to bring you the most important pieces of art and cultural news from campus, Ithaca and beyond. 

Arts & Culture will absorb the Sunspots section, previously the Sun’s online-only blog which championed personal reflections and commentary on college life and life at large.  

The mission of Arts & Culture is to bring new voices into The Sun with ease. We will spotlight students and locals alike, while acknowledging biases in our institution, our city and in ourselves. We continue our arts coverage with the intention to change our culture. 

The new Arts & Culture section is excited to bring a wider range of content to our readers. We seek fresh perspectives, and we will foster bold and beautiful writing. 


With gratitude,

Emma “ED” Plowe ’23, Arts & Culture Editor

Emma Leynse ’23, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

John Colie ’23, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor