December 6, 2021


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As the semester comes to a close, The Cornell Daily Sun looks toward a brief hiatus through winter break to provide our editors, writers and staff a well-earned pause. 

This semester has been unpredictable, difficult and draining, and I’ve watched this staff face every challenge with open arms and steady hands, telling the stories of the changes and current lives here on campus. They’ve worked through the usual stressors that come with working on a paper with the added insurmountable hurdles of the present moment. 

So first, I say a humble thank you to my dearest co-workers and friends. 

I am so proud of what we’ve done together and am grateful for the work you have put into this paper. It can be hard to recognize our impact, but I hope that this break allows you a second to look back.

Come January, our pages — both virtual and in print — will be in the hands of the 140th editorial compets, a group of candidates for our 35 or so leadership positions. During these first weeks of the semester, they’ll train in the work of the nation’s oldest continuously independent college daily and figure out how to keep our beloved newspaper running. It’s no easy feat, but I can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve and where they’ll take The Sun. 

Thank you, readers, as always for your support. I hope you also take this break to find a bit of light, laughter and reprieve — we certainly all deserve it.

— K.S.