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Planned Parenthood Generation Action Cornell, an organization that promotes reproductive justice, recently helped organize a Reproductive Rights Rally at Ho Plaza on Saturday, Oct. 2.

December 7, 2021

Planned Parenthood Generation Action Cornell Raffles off Sex Toys to Raise Money for Reproductive Health in Texas

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Planned Parenthood Generation Action Cornell, an organization that promotes safe sex and campaigns for reproductive justice, held a fundrasier to raise money for Texas abortion funds titled “Sex Toys for Texas.” 

The fundraiser was started in November to assist Texans affected by the Texas Senate Bill 8, one of the strictest bans on abortion passed since Roe v. Wade. The bill bans abortions after a six-week period. Recently, the Supreme Court has also heard a case challenging Roe v. Wade in Mississippi. The funds will help Texans with the costs of abortions as well as travel and lodging to states where abortions are available. 

The fundraiser raffled off a collection of sex toys from the porn site Bellesa, which markets toward female users. The funds from the raffle will be distributed to 10 different abortion funds in Texas, including the Equal Access Fund, Fund Texas Choice and Support Your Sistah at the Afiya Center. 

Helena Brittain ’22, co-president of PPGA Cornell, said she was surprised by the positive reaction and support from Cornellians for the Sex Toys for Texas raffle. 

“I have really been floored by the amount of support we have been receiving on campus during tabling,” Brittain said. “So many more people have engaged with us than I anticipated.” 

PPGA Cornell is a club that aims to promote safe sex, educate others and fight for reproductive justice, according to the group’s Instagram page

Samantha Heller ’23, co-president of PPGA Cornell, expressed her hopes for more racial equity in reproductive health. She said she believes the future of student participation in PPGA should include educational programs for members to understand the complexities of health inequalities between income and race. 

“We’re trying to emphasize now, that even if the right is there, access is not distributed equally because of differences in income,” Heller said. 

The Texas bill disproportionately affects people of color, especially Black women, from accessing reproductive healthcare and abortions. Brittain and Heller both consider themselves feminists and said they believe feminism should incorporate intersectionality. Britain discussed how the fundraiser gave PPGA a chance to explore multiple issues on health and sexuality. 

“We were able to raise money for Texas as well as show people diverse sexualities,” Brittain said.

The raffle is sponsored by PPGA Cornell, One Love at Cornell, Consent Ed Cornell, Cornell ACLU, Cornell Sexual Violence Prevention Network and the Cornell Democrats. The sex toy collection is valued at over $200 and features toys inclusive of many sexualities and genders, according to Brittian. The collection includes vibrators, condoms and vulva-shaped gummy candies. 

The venmo for the fundraiser is @TexasAbortionFundraiser. Raffle tickets are $3 for one entry, $5 for two entries and $10 for five entries. Donators do not have to participate in the raffle. The fundraiser closes Tuesday, Dec. 7. 

PPGA Cornell is working toward a fundraising goal of $2,000. The club held a bake sale at Willard Straight Hall on Monday to collect final donations.