March 7, 2022

The Cornell Daily Sun Welcomes its 140th Editorial Board

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After a second year of Zoom elections last Saturday, The Cornell Daily Sun elected its 140th editorial board — a wonderfully even number to match an equally wonderful new board. This new group of editors bring with them unbounded enthusiasm and drive as we go into this new cycle, building on our 140-year tradition of dynamic student journalism.

The new board will be led by our wonderful new editor in chief, Vee Cipperman ’23. Coming from their position as a news editor last year, Vee never fails to make us smile with the cookies that they bring to the office and their shoutouts during edit meetings. We’re all excited to work with such an inspiring and dedicated new EIC.

Leading the objective sections is our steadfast managing editor, Angela Bunay ’24. We can always count on her to catch Oxford commas, make hours at the office go by faster and criticize Ithaca’s lackluster pizza. By her side is assistant managing editor Surita Basu ’23. She’s always there during a crisis to get write-ups done and crack much-needed jokes.   

On the subjective side of the paper, our new associate editor, Emma Leynse ’23. Her out-of-this-world skills at meme-making and the InDesign tracking feature keep us on task and entertained. Her famous indie playlist keeps us vibing at the office. She is joined by opinion editor Katherine Yao ’23, whose clever ice breakers always liven up Opinion meetings and who never fails to make us laugh as we fight with InDesign. Also, ask about her fabulous Goodreads! 

On the technical side, we have our champion web editor, Devan Flores ’24, who enters the position ready to go with innovative ideas to keep our tech department ahead of the curve and deal with WordPress and Sun App shenanigans. Assistant web editor will be Naomi Koh ’23, who faithfully served as web editor on the 139th Editorial Board.   

Doing the important work of managing our finances is Serena Huang ’24, who will be the 140th Business Manager.

Moving down the masthead, we have a dynamic group of tireless news editors. Eli Pallrand ’24, a speech and debate master, brings passion and enthusiasm to late night desking days. Estee Yi ’24 can be spotted ordering Uber Eats to the office at 9 p.m. and is loved for her positive vibes and constant encouragement. Roman LaHaye ’23, known for his quick Slack response times, can be found saying “Oh bother!” in a Winnie the Pooh voice around the office. Rounding out the team of news editors is the ever-smiling Sofia Rubinson ’24, who can always be relied on for same-day article writeups.

Joining this group in News are the amazing assistant news editors: Jiwook Jung ’25, who is valiantly kickstarting The Sun’s social team; Pareesay Afzal ’24, who never fails to pick up a story, Sarah Young ’24; who stands by her statement that it would be “so sick” to be an assistant news editor and Aimée Eicher ’24, The Sun’s resident Wordle expert. 

Of course we can’t forget Kayla Riggs ’24, our new city editor and ever-optimistic News board veteran.

Leading the recently renamed Arts & Culture section is long-time Sunnie John Colie ’23, a fun fact expert and a dedicated editor. He is joined by two assistant arts editors: the proactive Aditi Hukerikar ’23, who wows us with her creative PowerPoints and constant enthusiasm, and passionate music fan Nihar Hegde ’24, who specializes in consistent editing and communication.     

Bravely leading our athletics coverage is sports editor Aaron Snyder ’23, a multitasking pro. We’re all in awe of his ability to live report, write, edit and Tweet hockey articles mid-game while taking photos. We honestly don’t know how he does it! He is joined by an enthusiastic group of assistant sports editors: Gabriella Pacitto ’24, Grayson Ruhl ’24 and Ruth Abraham ’24

We’ve now come to the food side of the paper, which is led by dining editor Grace Kim ’24, who is always ahead of the game on photo requests, and assistant dining editor (and opinion columnist!) Daniela Wise-Rojas ’25, who brings endless enthusiasm and adorable photos of her roommate’s cat, Beau, and her dog, Lucky.   

Leading our science coverage are Meher Bhatia ’24 and Tenzin Kunsang ’25. They always bring positive energy to the office and are somehow able to make clean pages on the first try — we’re all impressed.  

Pairing our articles with stunning visuals is the amazing photo editor, Julia Nagel ’24, who keeps us all on the ball for photo requests. She once brought her pet hamster to the office — it was truly an unforgettable moment. She is joined by two dedicated assistant photo editors: Claire Li ’24, who, according to Julia, took “the most aesthetic photo of Bebe Lake ever,” and Jason Wu ’24, who wants to make Patagonia part of the dress code. 

Continuing our creative work beyond the paper is our new multimedia editor, Andie Kim ’24.

Keeping the paper functioning is our enthusiastic production editor Katrien de Waard ’24. While she has worked for the Production, Sports and Photo departments, she’s decided to make Production her new home, and we’re very glad to have her.

Last but not least, doing the important job of getting our articles to your inbox every morning is Newsletter Editor Kevin Cheng ’25, who will stay up late (or wake up early) to put together the newsletter.