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Pints of Cornell Dairy ice cream at the Dairy Bar on March 10. Students have the opportunity to win the new Golden Cow Contest by finding a ticket under ice cream lids.

March 10, 2022

Cornell Dairy Processing Plant Sponsors New Golden Cow Contest

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Cornell Dairy is a staple of Cornell University that has satisfied students’ cravings for generations. Now, the Cornell Dairy Processing Plant is sponsoring a Wonka-inspired “Golden Cow” contest, in which five lucky Cornell Dairy ice cream pint buyers will be surprised by an assortment of prizes, including a tour of the processing plant.

Located on Tower Road at the edge of campus, the Cornell Dairy Bar serves as a reminder of the University’s commitment to agricultural education. But, to many Cornell students, the Dairy Bar comes to mind for a different reason: the famous ice cream, made right here on campus. 

Students who are partial to Cornell-specific ice cream flavors, such as Ezra’s Morning Cup or Big Red Bear Tracks, are in for another treat. Starting March 1 and continuing throughout the month of March, the Dairy Bar is sponsoring a “Golden Cow” Contest. Beneath the lids of Cornell Dairy-brand ice cream pints, employees of the Dairy have hidden “Golden Cow” tickets. Five winners will receive a personal tour of the Cornell Dairy processing plant, a lifetime membership to the Cornell Dairy co-op and 25 “Dairy Dollars” to spend at the Dairy Bar. 

Pints involved in the Golden Cow Contest can be purchased at any of the retail locations on campus. 

Timothy Barnard, plant manager of dairy operations in the department of food science, confirmed that any person is eligible to win the contest, regardless of whether or not they are a Cornell student. However, he emphasized his desire for the Golden Cow contest to positively impact students.

“I’d just like the students to know that the Dairy is always there for them for anything and that we care about the students,” Barnard said. “I wanted to make something fun for them.”

Alma Thaler ’24 is among those students who enjoy eating ice cream produced by Cornell Dairy. 

“I normally eat ice cream at the dining hall, but [the contest] would benefit me,” Thaler said. “I buy Cornell Dairy milk frequently throughout the week. I could use [the co-op membership discounts] to buy milk and cheese.” 

Barnard also acknowledged the Dairy Bar’s struggle during the pandemic, especially with the University’s restrictions on visitors, and articulated his hope that the contest would stir up excitement and advertisement for the Dairy Bar among students and on social media. 

A Cornell Dairy co-op membership includes a weekly discount on all Cornell Dairy goods at any retail outlet on campus.The co-op already has almost 400 members, according to Barnard. 

Barnard said that winners will reap the benefits of their Cornell Dairy membership forever. 

“If they so desire when they’re 60 years old and the Dairy’s still there, then they are still entitled to the same benefits,” he said. 

At the time of publication, Barnard said that no winners have come forward yet. While Thaler herself was aware of the Golden Cow Contest, she expressed concern that other students might not yet know about the existence of the competition.

Barnard’s advice to those looking to find a Golden Cow ticket and win the contest: “Just buy a pint of ice cream… it might be under the cover!”

Individuals who find a Golden Cow can contact Cornell Dairy to claim their free ice cream voucher and lifetime membership to the Cornell Dairy co-op, as well as a tour of the dairy processing plant.

Correction, March 12, 12:02 p.m.: A previous version of this article inaccurately stated that the Cornell Dairy Bar was sponsoring the contest, but it was actually the Cornell Dairy Processing Plant that is sponsoring the contest. This error has been corrected.