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Silverware at Risley Dining Room on October 16th, 2019.

May 5, 2022

Forkified: Unlimited Forks to Arrive at Cornell Dining Halls (Fork Yeah!)

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Unlimited Forks are soon to arrive at Cornell dining halls, notably Robert Purcell and Toni Morrison dining. This is a huge feat, considering that forks are essential to eating foods like noodles, salads, many kinds of meat and more. The estimated arrival date of the much-anticipated Unlimited Forks is January 2035.

Last semester, students complained of going to dining halls, sitting down, forgetting utensils and then walking around looking for the utensil station, only to find no forks — only a plethora of knives and a small handful of spoons. Following this, an intense internal debate would ensue about if it’s worth eating salad with a spoon. Some take on the challenge. Others decide it’s simply too much effort, throwing out their salad, opting for a hands-free option like pizza or a spoon-only option like soup or Cornell Dairy Ice Cream.

Here’s the vital tip: in order to ensure that you secure your Unlimited Fork, you must reserve it on the GET app. In order to do so, after you press the button that enables you to scan into the dining hall, there will be a button on the top right-hand corner of the screen, labeled “choose Fork.” As was mentioned in the official announcement, dining halls will soon be equipped with a vending machine full of Unlimited Forks. 

The prototype is currently in the works; Cornell engineering students and food nutrition students are currently collaborating to make sure these Unlimited Forks are perfectly engineered for different kinds of foods and different mouth shapes. The vending machine will be the only free vending machine on campus. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch, as most of us learned during an economics class. You must pay a $10 deposit to cover for potential Unlimited Fork damages (such as abuse to the vending machine). A proposed upgraded prototype will allow you to choose the colors of the Unlimited Forks. The current project name is “Forkified.”

When we interviewed President Martha Pollack about the incoming forkening, she stated, “I am very excited to see these Unlimited Forks introduced into our dining halls. I understand that not having Forks negatively impacts not only the physical health of our students, but also their mental health. The agony over not being able to have a fork is extenuating enough that we decided we need to get some sort of solution for this. I hope that students will recognize how revolutionary these developments are. This will be our biggest proposal of the semester.”