May 5, 2022

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why Didn’t Bill Nye Talk to Me? 

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To the Editor:

To put it lightly, I’m upset. I really thought I did everything right, but NOTHING worked. I mirrored his every step, wore my cleanest, “It’s not magic, it’s SCIENCE” shirt, (most of them are gross after prelim season) and even got past security SEVERAL TIMES but he never looked my way. All of my DM’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — unread. Every shout of his name, unanswered. Every attempt to take a photo with him somewhere in the frame, RUINED by the rampant herd of STEM kids, aka the fake BNTSG fans. How dare they get in my way of meeting my most beloved Bill Nye? 

I’ve waited years for this moment, for this opportunity to meet the idol that galvanized my childhood imagination. Billy and I go way back. I remember wearing my special BNTSG shirt when I submitted my application to Cornell as I prayed for a chance to attend his alma mater, hoping to have some sort of connection to him that would perhaps give him just one reason to even look at me. What other reason would I choose to willingly succumb myself to four years of isolation in the silence of the upstate, away from the bustling city of NYC, in servitude to insufferable college requirements, when instead I could have been showered in sublime freedom by the open curriculum at Brown University?

I did it all for him. And he never noticed. And it still hurts. 

Thanks for the heartbreak.

Billy’s Biggest Fan