August 23, 2022


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WELCOME TO A FRESH YEAR at Cornell, and at The Sun. As the summer draws to a close, students flood back into Ithaca to take new classes, meet new friends and make new college memories. We enter a season of falling leaves and shifting weather, and we invite the opportunities for change and growth that come with every fall at Cornell. Yet some things stay the same each year — like The Sun’s daily mission to inform, educate and enlighten the communities we serve.

We now resume our primary work as editors, writers and designers. We will provide pertinent news and keen insights to our broader Cornell and Ithaca readership. We’ll proudly deliver two issues per week to Cornell’s campus, and we’ll share daily online content to continue current conversations. We’ll uphold our 142-year-old mission to advance student journalism and honor the many perspectives present on Cornell’s campus.

As we embark on this bustling semester, we look forward to documenting Cornell’s ever-evolving history. We continue to record our lives and times as students while we learn, play and change alongside our peers. As members of the country’s oldest independent, continuously running student publication, we appreciate our unique capability to share truths and make community voices heard. We do it all for you, our valued readers.

Thank you for reading our paper; we couldn’t make it without your support. Try new things this semester, stretch your wings and let yourself grow — but remember that The Sun will appear every day, and you always have a home within our pages.

– V.C.