Julia Nagel/Sun Photography Editor

Students reflected on their Labor Day Weekend, recalling their time on or off campus.

September 5, 2022

Labor Day Weekend: Cornellians Travel, Repose and Refresh after the First Two Week of Classes

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This fall, Cornellians took advantage of the three-day Labor Day weekend to travel, spend time with friends and catch up on schoolwork. 

Several students used the long weekend to travel outside of Ithaca. Alan Liu ’24 went to Syracuse for the Great New York State Fair, which concluded this weekend.

“I went with some friends, and it was so fun,” Liu said. “We saw lots of cool animals, and I even won a prize.”

Isabel Hou ’24, who also visited the fair, commented on the weekend’s inclement weather.

“I enjoyed the social events that were hosted this weekend,” Hou said. “It was raining but still a really fun way to spend the day.”

In addition to visiting the state fair, Jailyn Wilson ’24 traveled to Niagara Falls, also taking  the weekend to practice self care and catch up with friends.

“I’ve hung out with a lot of my friends and had a nice spa day for myself, which was so relaxing,” Wilson said.

Tia Taylor ’25 stayed in Ithaca for track practice this weekend, but she also prioritized spending time with friends. 

“I stayed in the majority of the time to do homework and hang out with my friends,” Taylor said. “I’m a part of the Women of Color Athletics group, and we had our meet and greet. It was nice to see familiar faces from last year and see how everyone’s summer went.”

Regardless of how they spent Labor Day weekend, students agreed that having an extra day off provided much needed time for relaxation following the first two weeks of classes.

“It was extremely nice to get some time away from classes after trying to get back into the groove,” Wilson said. “I can finally collect myself so later on, I’ll be ready for my classes.”

Taylor and Liu agreed that the extra day off provided the opportunity to better prepare for the week ahead.

“The break is much needed,” Liu said. “I feel like the semester started so fast, so the long weekend provided a good chance to recharge and ready myself.”

Hou also appreciated the extra respite from classes and is ready for the week ahead. However, she is also excited for upcoming breaks this semester.

“I felt like the long weekend was a great opportunity to relax after the stressful first weeks of school,” Hou said. “I’m ready to get back into my normal schedule, but I’m still looking forward to the next break.”