Courtesy of Mary Lambert

September 14, 2022

Mary Lambert and Wyatt Paige Hermansen to Discuss Mental Health and Queerness

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Singer-songwriter Mary Lambert and podcast host Wyatt Paige Hermansen will be in Call Auditorium on Friday, Sept. 16 to have a conversation with the University community on mental health, self-love and queer relationships.

The Grammy-nominated singer will also perform at the event. She is best known for “Same Love,” her 2012 collaboration with Macklemore. Wyatt Paige Hermansen is an English professor at Westfield State University. 

Known for her music career, Lambert is also a composer, poet and activist. As a professor, Hermansen often talks about navigating academic realms as a non-binary identifying person, as gender identity can be a point of political discourse.

The two co-host a podcast called “Manic Episodes,” where they discuss queerness, mental health, consent and various social justice issues. The event will consist of a question and answer style discussion, and will be recorded as a live podcast.

This is the second event the Cornell University Program Board has held this year of the events on campus 8 times a year, and this is the second event this year.

CUPB regularly hosts events including stand-up comedians, well-known speakers and the occasional scientist. This is not the first event that CUPB has collaborated with Haven on. Last year, the two held a Halloween Drag Queen Bingo, which was hosted by ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’ star Jan Sport.

The event is a collaboration between the LGBT Resource Center, Haven and C.U. Tonight, and is free to all attendees.