January 23, 2023


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FOR THE FIRST DAY of classes in the new year, Ithaca welcomed its students with a snowstorm. Yesterday morning brought crisp air, bright white quads and all the excitement of a fresh slate. Like the first day of any semester, it also brought The Cornell Daily Sun back to our regular publication schedule. We’ve resumed our daily stream of reporting on team sports, state politics, campus updates, student organizations, Ithaca sightseeing and more — all to facilitate an active, informed community. You’re here to make new friends and learn new subjects. We’re here to keep you in the loop.

Throughout 2023, our editors, writers and staffers will be hard at work breaking news and documenting Cornell’s history. As our editorial election season begins, we train a new generation of student journalists to take the reins of The Sun. The 140th editorial board prepares to pass the torch to the 141st, ensuring another year of proudly independent student journalism. We promise to produce ethical, accurate stories for all members of Cornell and Ithaca’s varied communities, continuing our mission as we enter our 143rd year.

As always, we invite you to join us. We couldn’t do our unique work without committed readers, donors and friends, and we thank you for your continued support. This semester, you can catch The Sun daily on our website and twice a week in print. We welcome your input as we create dialogues, highlight multiple perspectives and chase the biggest stories on campus.

Each new semester presents new opportunities, for The Sun and for Cornell’s student body. We will strive to transcend our highest standards, and we hope you’ll do the same within your lives. This time of year, the days are short — but Cornellians make the most of each one, and The Cornell Daily Sun reappears every morning. 

— V.C.

Correction: the article originally wrote “take the reigns.” This is incorrect and has been changed to “take the reins.”