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Room 112, now also the "CALS Zone," will offer services for students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

February 9, 2023

Mann Library Set to Add “CALS Zone” this Month: Space for Community, Support

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Later this month, room 112 in Mann Library, an existing 24/7 study space, will now also be the “CALS Zone” and offer additional services and support for students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. 

According to a statement from Ann LaFave, assistant dean of academic programs and student success at CALS, Cornell University Libraries and CALS Student Services collaborated to create a multi-use space dedicated to CALS advising and programming so long as the space remain open 24/7 and continue to offer contactless book pick-up and printing services.

“[CALS Student Services] desired a location [in addition to Roberts Hall room 140 that is] closer to where CALS students spend their time between classes to provide information and support where they need it most,” LaFave wrote.

Tobi Hines, head of operations and outreach at Mann Library, said that Cornell University Libraries recognized Mann Library as an optimal spot for CALS student support services given its close proximity to the Ag quad.  

LaFave said that the CALS Zone will feature coffee, tea and snacks a few times per week, thanks to a partnership with Cornell Dining. Group meeting spaces and study spots will be available for student use. To alleviate student stress, the space will feature wellness activities like spending time with dogs and puppies – the activity requested most in a recent student survey.

According to LaFave, CALS Student Services will soon release a schedule for the CALS Zone’s spring semester programming, including a grand opening event.

“We will offer drop-in advising to meet the needs of CALS students [including] course scheduling needs, resume and cover letter review [and] transfer credit guidance, ” LaFave wrote. “We will also collaborate with other offices around campus to provide information and programming on topics such as pre-health advising, finding research opportunities [and the] internship and full-time job search.”

Suong Nguyen ’24, a CALS ambassador, is excited to decompress in the new CALS Zone.

“I am looking forward to having a space dedicated to CALS students where students are both able to study and enjoy fun, de-stressing events and delicious snacks as pick-me-ups throughout the week,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen also believes that the CALS Zone will foster community among students pursuing all of CALS’ 22 majors.

“I rarely see students who are studying different CALS majors from mine in my classes, so having [the CALS Zone] will allow me to meet people with diverse interests and to make friends who I would have never met,” Nguyen said.

Brandon Garcia ’23 is a CALS ambassador and said that the CALS Zone can also foster pride among CALS students and faculty.

“I’m most excited to see which of the unique CALS icons will be featured in the space,” Garcia said. “We have so much to be proud of in CALS from the dairy bar to Barbara McClintock,” Garcia continued. “I think it is important to have [a space] that reflects the culture and community of the school.”