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Students wait to board a coach bus, one of the popular methods of transportation for Cornell breaks.

February 22, 2023

February Break Sparks Travel Plans for Underclassmen

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Despite February break’s short duration, many Cornell students have elaborate plans for the long weekend ahead, including touring new cities, enjoying time at home or catching up with friends and family. 

About 44.8 percent of Cornell students hail from the tri-state area, making home easily accessible during short breaks. While most students who live abroad or across the country may not have the time or resources to return home, many are planning to visit American cities instead of staying on campus. 

Students have plans for a fun, rejuvenating break as they hope to find comfort in places other than home or campus. 

Originally from Westchester, Sydney Lonker ’25 plans to embark on a spontaneous road trip with her hometown friends.

“The plan is to go with no plan,” Lonker said.

After a laborious first month of the semester, Lonker hopes to take her mind off of academics and enjoy the open road. 

“We are thinking of driving through Virginia and enjoying the coast or just hopping over the border to Canada,” Lonker said. “We go where the road takes us.” 

Sia Harisingani ’26 is going to Chicago to visit her high school best friend, who attends Northwestern University. She looks forward to bonding with her best friend whilst remedying her second-semester restlessness. 

Harisingani’s extensive itinerary includes attending a ceramics studio, sightseeing at The Bean and eating at a viral crepe cafe. 

“I have all our restaurants and events scheduled,” Harisingani said. “Having seen each other every day for ten years, I mainly want to spend time with her. I miss her so much.”  

Abigail Conrad ’26 and Sophia Landy ’26, who are native to California and Florida respectively, are renting an AirBnB in New Jersey to spend a few days exploring New York City. Neither of them have visited before.  

“[I’m excited to] shop, go to museums and eat lots of Chinese food and other ethnic foods,” Landy said.  

Conrad, having bought her Thanksgiving meal at the Ithaca Trader Joe’s, was determined to coordinate lively plans for this upcoming break.

“I’m just excited to take a break from school work and have a fun weekend with friends doing touristy things,” Conrad said. 

Taking advantage of the opportunity to venture away from Ithaca, Landy appreciates the cheaper alternative of staying in the tri-state area.

“It’s just too expensive to fly home, and I’ve been dying to get off campus,” Landy said. 

While some students are fully booked this February break, others plan to enjoy a more relaxing few days away from campus, like Rory Paltridge ’26, who is returning to New York City to spend quality time exploring his hometown with family and friends. He plans to meet up with Landy and Conrad. 

“I’m excited to hang out with my little brothers and dogs, and show my friends around the city,” Paltridge said. 

Sofia Principe is a Sun contributor. She can be reached at [email protected].