March 6, 2023

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR | The Steady Blaze of an Evolving Star

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This past Saturday, The Sun gathered to elect a new batch of editors to the 141st editorial board. Bursting with energy, passion and new ideas, it is clear that this new board will make The Sun shine brighter than ever.

As our new editors get started, I can confidently say that these are some of the most dedicated and considerate people to have graced our lovely masthead. It brings me great honor to work with and for all of you.  

We live in a time where American distrust in media is high, and the landscape of media and journalism is constantly evolving evermore. And while The Sun also continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges every year, we remain steadfast in our duty to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information possible. Most importantly, we remain true to our mission since 1880: To hold our institutions accountable, from the University and beyond.

Just as the editors of the first issue of The Sun realized, “there are many obstacles in the path of a college daily.” We understand this sentiment now more than ever. After weathering a global pandemic alongside the general decline of print media, our predecessors of the 140th editorial board laid a solid foundation for The Sun to grow by revitalizing the community while continuing to report on important matters. Throughout my nearly three years at The Sun, I have witnessed the strength of independent, student-run journalism, and as the new editorial board emerges, that strength will continue to build.

And while The Sun is brought to you by the daily work of our fervent student journalists and creatives, we could not do it without all of you, our readers. With that being said, if you feel that we come up short, please reach out or get involved: Help us build The Sun that you want to see.  

This board will bring new and transformative projects to your independent campus newspaper, and I hope you will stick with us as we continue to make The Sun rise every day. 

— A.B.