March 6, 2023

The Cornell Daily Sun Welcomes its 141st Editorial Board

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After the day-long affair of elections and a gauntlet of long missed in-person speeches charged with an electrifying fervor for student journalism, The Cornell Daily Sun has elected its 141st editorial board. This year’s group of shining Sunnies is poised to create a board that is as vibrant and zealous as its namesake number is palindromic.

Steering the ship is our new editor in chief, Angela Bunay ’24, who will spend most of her energy sifting through a stuffed Google Calendar and writing captions for the Sunnies’ most fashionable outfits. As a long-time member of The Sun, Angela has proven to be a committed and indispensable part of the paper. 

Helming the objective side, Sofia Rubinson ’24 will serve as managing editor, The Sun’s honorary Uber driver and ambassador for Shortstop Deli. When she’s not fulfilling her duties as an editor, Sofia can be found waiting on the phone for Towanda Printing. Stepping into the role of assistant managing editor is Aimée Eicher ’24, who promises to buy a new, ground-shaking alarm clock to prevent oversleeping.

As the new associate editor, Noah Do ’24 will be stepping away from his opinion column to give the editorial side of the paper a try, although ideas for new columns have certainly not stopped coming. The same can be said for Hugo Amador ’24, the new opinion editor and former columnist whose GIF-filled emails are sure to bring a smile to any Sunnie lucky enough to receive them.

Elise Song ’24 serves as web editor, ready to handle the rest of the editors’ WordPress complaints and always prepared to whip up some crème brûlée.

New to the editorial board to organize the business end of The Sun is Katie Chen 25, who is serving as the business manager for the 141st board. 

Next up is the board’s new batch of news editors. Coming from the sports section, Gabby Pacitto ’24 will bring a rugged efficiency to news, much like her trusty high ponytail. Julia Senzon ’26 can be found assigning stories and covering breaking news like a seasoned veteran. Also in news is Eric Reilly ’25, The Sun’s foremost fashionista and lover of print desking. If you ever find yourself at the Sun office in need of a little heartfelt, poetic serenading, Jonathan Mong ’25 is the news editor to call.

Moving on to our assistant news editors, Marian Caballo ’26 will work to combine multimedia with news, all in the comfort of her trendy headphones. Joanne Hu ’24 is always donning a smile and a positive attitude. Fun fact: She skipped Sun election day to meet Hillary Clinton. In case you were reading through the descriptions of our editors and were concerned about the lack of groove, don’t worry — Gabriel Muñoz ’26 has enough dancing prowess to slay for all of The Sun. Rounding out the assistant news editors is Marisa Cefola ’26, whose positive outlook always brings sunshine to the board.    

City editor Jiwook Jung ’25 is sure to cover all the most enthusiastic, stellar, amazing, splendid, stupendous and beautiful stories that Ithaca has to offer. He hopes you have a beautiful day.

Nihar Hegde ’24 leads the Arts & Culture section as editor and The Sun’s resident hip-hop enthusiast. Kiki Plowe ’25, who loves electric guitar and covering live music for The Sun,  joins him as assistant arts editor. Also joining the section as assistant arts editor is Max Fattal ’25, who is sure to serve up quality articles and thought-provoking movie takes. If you ever feel like traveling through a time machine, Max has a collection of over 250 Blu-rays that can help you do just that.

For our sports section, we have two committed editors who both made the jump from assistant to co-head sports editors. Grayson Ruhl ’24 will bring a devoted passion to sports, covering men’s lacrosse games on the edge of his seat. Ruth Abraham ’24 will be keeping Grayson in check, all while reporting on women’s hockey with grace. Assistant sports editor David Sugarmann ’24 joins them and plans to make the 141st board electric. 

If you’re in the mood for a feast, the dining section has you covered. Dining editor and longtime Ithaca resident Jimmy Cawley ’25 promises to burst onto the scene with aplomb, much like the volcano he visited this past summer. Joining him is assistant dining editor Kyle Roth ’25, whose love for dining is matched only by his love for cooking.

Returning to lead the science section are our two astute science editors. Meher Bhatia ’24 loves Radiohead and is ready to emerge from her selfish era to take on the science section. Joining her is Tenzin Kunsang ’25, the only member of the editorial board who can rock a buzzcut and look mysterious doing it. 

Julia Nagel ’24 heads the photo department for the 141st board as photo editor. If you’re ever in desperate need of a photography expert or are craving some chia pudding, Julia is the editor to turn to. Ming DeMers ’25, who rides his trusty bike to get only the best shots for The Sun, and Claire Li ’24 join Julia as assistant photo editors.

Equipped with a passion for film and enthusiasm for The Sun’s creative future, Emily Vo ’25 serves as multimedia editor. She’s excited to spearhead new projects at The Sun, in addition to judging your Letterboxd page. 

Stella Wang ’24 will work to bring the paper together as production editor. She hopes to develop the paper’s comics and crossword puzzle sections and incorporate more of students’ creativity into the prints. 

Serving as layout editor is Kate Kim 24, who hates fun facts but was willing to share that when she finds a song she likes, she listens to it on repeat for weeks until she’s sick of it. She’s sorry she couldn’t think of a better fun fact.

In the role of newsletter editor is Kassandra Robledo ’25, who has spent perhaps a few too many late nights working on the newsletter (but never at the expense of her homework, of course).