April 19, 2023

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Let’s Write a Guest Column, Bro

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To the editor:

Frankly, I find it ridiculous that The Sun’s opinion section keeps refusing to publish my guest articles. I have, like, some good ideas. I’m thinking about stuff that no one’s willing to talk about. Like, what about “GUEST ROOM | Gay Son or Thot Daughter?” sounds so unpublishable? My boys and I get frosted and talk about stuff like that all the time. It’s stuff people actually want to read about. Like, it’s lowkey a hard question right? 

Or how about “GUEST ROOM | The Case for the Top G.” How are you just turning down this life-changing information? My guys and I should just start a podcast or something. Have fun in the matrix, Daily Sun.

Future podcaster/street interviewer