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March 26, 2024

EDITORIAL | DeLorenzo and His Student Assembly Cronies Must Step Down

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Does anyone trust the Student Assembly anymore? How could they after The Sun ran an exposé on the slimy, misogynistic politics of George Rocco DeLorenzo ’24? DeLorenzo’s antics, and those of the entire Greek system for that matter, can’t go unchecked. 

In a string of leaked text messages unearthed by The Sun from last year’s election season, DeLorenzo, who serves as S.A. vice president of finance, revealed his disgusting plans to systematically upend various feminist resolutions and shield Cornell Greek life from any and all scrutiny.

The only correct answer to the shame DeLorenzo, the former president of the Interfraternity Council, has brought upon the Assembly is to set a strong example. The Sun urges every S.A. member to speak out against his chicanery and take steps to once and for all eliminate the undue and unfair influence the IFC has over the Assembly. 

DeLorenzo said he opposed date rape drug testing kits for fraternities and that he “just can’t morally support a Plan B vending machine,” referring to a resolution to increase access to the emergency contraceptive tablet. DeLorenzo is also an out-and-out transphobe: “If I see any more tampons in the men’s room,” he wrote, “I’m going to lose it. Such a waste of money. … I’ll tell them to their face, there are only two genders.” 

In his role overseeing the Assembly’s appropriations committee, DeLorenzo recommended decreasing funding for the Gender Justice Advocacy Coalition, which provides restrooms across campus with menstrual products. 

The question you’re probably asking is how a sexist poser like DeLorenzo came to represent Cornell’s student body. 

The answer is that the S.A.’s leadership is rife with sycophants who constantly bow down to the Greek life political machine. DeLorenzo and his S.A. stooges — who care more about the deeply predatory Greek system than the Cornellians they purport to serve — should step down immediately. They are an embarrassment to this campus. 

That includes Clyde Lederman ’26 and Patrick Kuehl ’24, who colluded with fraternities in the fall to win their respective Ithaca Common Council races — an underhanded ploy to strip the Ithaca community of representation and violate the spirit of civic democracy. Under Kuehl’s leadership, the S.A. has passed no resolutions keeping the IFC in check. 

Voting for this year’s S.A. elections begins on April 9 and closes on April 14. To every student reading this, vote. Only your vote can ensure that crooked politicians like DeLorenzo stay out of the halls of power. 

The unscrupulous opportunists who run today’s Assembly prey on low-turnout elections to win. Their agenda is to shield fraternities from accountability. Your participation in the electoral process is their single greatest fear. Your vote is the only way to ensure the IFC is regulated by the Assembly for once — not the other way around.

Cornell is chock-full of some of the brightest and most passionate minds our generation has to offer. We need to elect deserving student representatives, and there’s no shortage of good candidates. 

Now more than ever, the Assembly needs reformers — genuine leaders who aren’t afraid of the frats or standing up for what’s right. The deadline for registration to run for a position on the Student Assembly is Friday, March 29. That’s this week. If you’re sick of seeing resume-padding, morally bankrupt frat bros running amok in Willard Straight Hall, then get up, run for office and send them packing.

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