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Experts at the department of mechanical engineering and Cornell Tech have developed a fool-proof solution to the administration's lack of communication and transparency with students: a tin-can telephone.

April 20, 2024

Malina Introduces New System for Student-Admin Transparency

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Vice President for University Relations Joel Malina announced Monday that the administration’s much-anticipated technological solution to resolve growing student complaints over lack of communication and transparency from the school administration was finally ready.

The heart of the system, designed in collaboration with Cornell’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and experts at Cornell Tech, features a very long string with an empty Campbell’s Soup can on either end.

In a recent statement, Malina said the Cornell Soup Can Network will be carefully installed outside Willard Straight Hall, stretching across the Arts Quad and terminating at the administration’s second floor window in Day Hall. The technology will be available for student use for 30 minutes every other Wednesday afternoon.

Media Relations Director Lindsey Knewstub explained in a press release that “a project as ambitious as this hasn’t been undertaken on any college campus in the US to date. Ours will be the first.” According to Knewstub, CSCN will serve as a model for communication on campuses across the country.

The audio quality will be “so clear” Malina says it will almost “feel like the students and administration are actually in the same room.” He expects the CSCN to quickly resolve all student complaints about the administration’s much-maligned handling of campus issues including free speech, transparency and student protest.

If you have a bone to pick with administration, please visit Willard Straight Hall next Wednesday from 2:45 pm to 3:15 pm and give them the business! Your soup can awaits.

Sue P. Cannes is a freshman in the Nolan School of Hotel Administration. She can be reached at [email protected].