Nina Davis/Sun Photography Editor

The encampment highlights what companies they are asking Cornell to divest from on April 29th, 2024.

April 30, 2024

IN PHOTOS | 120 Hours Into the Encampment 

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Over the last 120 hours, The Sun has had reporters on the scene of the encampment. Here are some vignettes of what they saw.

April 26 | “The People’s Library” (Nina Davis/Sun Photography Editor) 

The encampment establishes a “People’s Library” which includes instructions for the safe return of borrowed books to their owners.

April 26 | “Liberation” (Cynthia Tseng/Sun Assistant Photography Editor) 

Supporters use chalk to write on the walkways surrounding the encampment. 

April 27 | “By Night” (Nina Davis/Sun Photography Editor) 

Members of the encampment stay through the night. 

April 28 | “Rainy Rally”  (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

Despite the rain, CML hosts another solidarity rally on Sunday, in support of the encampment’s fourth day.
April 28 | “Mural” (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

A child of a protestor views the encampment mural. People of all ages, from inside and outside the Cornell community, attend the rally. 
April 28 | “Counter Protestors” (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

Counter protestors periodically interrupt the rally by shouting or walking through the crowd. Some are seen taking videos of the protest at a distance. 

April 28 | “Cornell’s Very Best” (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

Students and faculty alike are a part of the encampment. During one faculty member’s speech, he describes those in attendance as “Cornell’s very best.” 
April 28 | “The People’s Band” (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

A band plays in the CML encampment. Their funk-beat keeps the mood up despite the rainy weather. 
April 29 | “ASFP” (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

Architecture Students For Peace host a walk-out of their studio at 1 p.m. They discuss how architecture contributes to settler colonialism, write a collaborative declaration and donate to the encampment. 

April 29 | “Divest” (Nina Davis/Sun Photography Editor)

The encampment’s library was updated with new signage demanding divestment from defense manufacturers.

April 30 | “Open Enrollment” (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

The CML Liberated Zone maintains they are open and inclusive to anyone who wants to join. Those who want to enter the encampment must complete an intake form and commit to non-violence.

April 30 | “We Demand” (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

Among CML’s demands are an “unconditional, permanent ceasefire in Gaza.” A Student Assembly referendum calling for a ceasefire passed earlier last week on April 22. 
April 30 | “Building’s Restricted” (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer) 

Day Hall, Cornell’s administrative building, is restricted to “authorized card holders.” Earlier that morning, protesters at Columbia University occupied and blockaded one of their libraries.