Courtesy of the Tompkins County Board of Elections

Tompkins County students created the two winning designs, which will be handed out at the polls in the fall.

July 11, 2024

Tompkins County Board of Elections Announces Voting Sticker Contest Winners

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Ahead of the contentious 2024 election season, Tompkins County residents can get excited not only to participate in civic engagement but to receive hand-drawn stickers, courtesy of two local students.

Ahava Sapp, a second-grade student at Belle Sherman Elementary School, and Ruby LeCroy, a sixth-grade student at Boynton Middle School, won the Tompkins County Voting Sticker Contest and will see their designs handed out at polling stations across the county this fall.

Over 1,700 community members in Tompkins County voted on the winning designs for both the “I Voted” and “Future Voter” stickers through an online survey

Sapp’s “Future Voter” design, which features the “S.S. Ballot Vote Boat” and the slogan “I’m on the vote boat” will be handed to young people accompanying voters to the polls. The design won the contest with 16.9 percent of the vote. 

LeCroy’s winning “I Voted” design, which received 23.6 percent of the vote, depicts a happy frog resting on a flower. It will be handed out to voters at Tompkins County polls this fall.

In a press release, Tompkins County Communications Director Dominick Recckio explained that the contest aimed to “increase civic engagement and participation by young people in Tompkins County.” 

Both winning artists will receive a copy of their sticker design and a Tompkins County Legislature proclamation.

Kate Sanders is a reporter from the Cornell Daily Sun working on The Sun’s summer fellowship at The Ithaca Voice. This piece was originally published in The Ithaca Voice.