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Cornell's hydroelectric dam in Fall Creek, the only hydroelectric dam on the main campus of any U.S. university.

University Aims For Sustainability with Renewable Energy Projects

The University is trying to renew its permit to operate the Cornell University Hydroelectric Project, which includes a dam, turbines and associated structures which have been on Fall Creek for decades, providing energy to campus. Renewable energy initiatives like the hydroelectric plant are a part of Cornell’s goal of a carbon neutral campus by 2035. According to a Federal Energy Commission Report, the average annual power generation from 2013 to 2018 was over 4,500 megawatt-hours. All the power produced by the plant is used to fuel Cornell’s main campus. The hydroelectric project is designed as a “run of the river operation,” meaning that Cornell uses water as it flows in Fall Creek and does not store water.


Sustainability in Fashion — Clothes Can Be Eco-Friendly, Too

Most classrooms are equipped with blue recycling bins. But as the threat of climate change looms, sustainability practices should go beyond just paper and plastic, Prof. Tasha Lewis, fiber science and apparel design, says. Her research — about brands’ behavior and the significance of social responsibility — is at the forefront of creating a sustainable fashion industry, echoing a broader movement towards more eco-friendly apparel. Recent protests led by the Cornell Vegan Society, for instance, pushed Cornellians to think about the ethical implications of their clothing choices. “Working in the industry opened my eyes to many of the sustainability and ethical issues involved with fashion,” Lewis said, whose work in the apparel sector after graduate school inspired her to take up this cause.

President Martha Pollack announced there will be reforms made to Greek Life in the wake of an unregistered party.

President Pollack, VP Lombardi Talk Greek Life Reform, Mental Health Initiatives, Ongoing Sustainability Efforts and More

In a semesterly meeting with The Sun, President Martha E. Pollack shared her hopes for on-campus reform, reaffirmed her dedication to “transparency” in the investigation of Antonio Tsialas’s death and promised plans for increasing student socioeconomic diversity as she prepares to wrap up her fifth semester in Cornell’s highest office.

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NGUYEN | Of Meat & Men: Masculinity vs. Sustainability

You know you want it. The feeling is carnal. A primal lust. It’s irresistible — you can hardly hold back from that instinctual need to clasp your fingers around it, wrap your lips around its thick flesh, sink your teeth into that sumptuous parcel of indulgent sin. You want it.