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ONONYE | Time to Stop Womansplaining

I joke to my friends that my column is the only thing about Cornell that’s never felt like a chore — I’ve never cried about my column, never fought over my column (except with my mom who is fond of censoring my writing before I send it to my editors) and never questioned if it was the right decision for me. Rather, my column has encouraged me to open my eyes to new career opportunities, encouraged me to reflect on the best and worst parts of my Cornell experience and was fun when life wasn’t fun.

ONONYE | Is Womansplaining Activism?

In honesty, while I will be the first to say that Womansplaining is (definitely!) my favorite part of being a Cornell student, it doesn’t actually take me a lot to write my columns. I write most of them in an hour or two the Friday before they’re due to my editor. I prioritize my own experiences and thoughts (key my apt title: Womanplaining) and most of those experiences happened the week that I write: e.g. this week I went to a talk and now I’m writing about my thoughts from that talk, the week of the 2020 election I wrote about the election, when I ran for Student Assembly I wrote about Student Assembly. Obviously my opinion writing is different from writing my thesis or a class paper, but a lot of times they come from the same space. And the crux of the question is whether or not a writing about feminism is feminist activism. 

ONONYE | Dear College Kids, It’s Okay to Call Your Parents More

I have a feeling that the parents and alumni who read this are going to get excited and encourage their children to stay in touch, while the students who read this are going to assume that I am a loser with no friends. I have a lot of friends and a great social life at Cornell, and I think that’s in large part because I talk to my parents a lot.

ONONYE | Mourning on Campus: The Friends You Never Met

The strongest guilt is when we don’t know the student who has passed away. There’s something about knowing that someone went to the same coffee shops as you, enrolled in courses on Student Center at the same time as you and went to the same parties as you yet you never crossed paths with them. In so many scenarios you were just a step away from being friends.

ONONYE | This International Women’s Day, Don’t Just Post Your Mom

My biggest pet peeve about International Women’s Day is the social media “thank you” posts. The “Thank you to all the amazing and strong women in my life” posts that almost always include a picture of your mother, sister, best friend and grandma but leave out so many other important people. It especially bothers me when someone who is particularly anti-feminist or spends time working against women has the audacity to do the same thing.

ONONYE | Dating Shows: A Chance for Communal Entertainment

Watching dating shows is a communal experience. You watch them with your family, your friends, your weekly viewing party, your Twitter and Instagram followers. These shows create a cult-like community culture in the same way that football games and “Euphoria” do.

ONONYE | R.I.P, The Lily & Do We Still Need Feminist Spaces?

Women and gender-marginalized people have been the center of The Lily’s mission and I have enjoyed a safe space to read stories about reproductive rights in the United States, trans rights in sports and resources for survivors. 

ONONYE | 21 Things to be Thankful for in 2021: Cornell Edition

Last year, I wrote a column titled “20 Things to be Thankful for in 2020: Cornell Edition” to encourage Cornellians to be thankful in spite of the struggles of the pandemic. Rereading that article is just a glimpse into how drastically our lives were changed by the start of the 2020 pandemic.

ONONYE | Are you Feeling Twenty-Two?

My 22nd birthday was an excuse to be just-a-little-bit like Taylor for the day. It was my girl-group bracing the 35 degree Ithaca cold to sit outside for my birthday brunch, my law frat brothers threatening to make everyone in Libe Cafe sing happy birthday to me if I spent the day in the library, my parents nailing my birthday present and a shout out at the Nigerian Students’ Association’s Date Auction. 

ONONYE | Simone Biles as My Kinda-Sexy Halloween Costume

Which segues us into the way overanalyzed and over discussed topic of sexy Halloween costumes. I am far from the first person to write about sexy Halloween costumes: I’m not even close to the first person to write about them in The Sun. But since this is a Feminist column, I thought I’d add my own two cents on the topic and how this year I had the world’s best Halloween costume.