BUI | Majoring in The Cornell Daily Sun

This weekend, I, along with thousands of my fellow graduates, will walk across Schoellkopf Field to receive the degrees we’ve worked on for a long four (or five, or six) years. Mine will be in biology and society, but if you wanted me to tell you the truth, I had two majors, the other being in “The Cornell Daily Sun.”

It was a major that I picked up in the second semester of my freshman year, kind of just for the hell of it. I had no prior experience in journalism, but was fascinated by the thought of writing for a wider audience and working for my college newspaper. So I sent out an email asking about the information session and trekked down to the Commons for my first introductory ‘class’ required for the major: Journalism 1110, taught by the managing editor at the time (Hey, Akane!). My first assignment for the class was a story on a diversity dialogue circle that I’m certain fewer than 10 people attended.

Dunbar’s Closes Doors After 36 Years in Collegetown

After more than 36 years in operation, Dunbar’s is the next Collegetown watering hole to shut its doors, according to former manager Brian Rettger. A Collegetown fixture established in 1979, Dunbar’s is known to many Cornellians for its dive bar atmosphere, with ceiling tiles and walls scribbled on in permanent marker and six dollar “Group Therapy” special. Rettger told The Sun Thursday that owner Dave Pepin had decided to close the establishment over break, and that the “timing is unfortunate.”

Though Rettger was unable to provide details on the reason for the bar’s closure, Pepin had decided to put the bar up for sale in 2013 due to his desire to spend more time with family, The Sun previously reported. The closure of Dunbar’s follows the shuttering of a number of Collegetown bars in recent years. The building that housed Pixel Lounge was demolished this summer to make way for a new residential and commercial development on Eddy Street.

Fred Van Sickle Named Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development

Fred Van Sickle has been named the next vice president for alumni affairs and development, President Elizabeth Garrett announced Thursday. He will succeed Charles Phlegar, who departed the University earlier this year. Van Sickle, who is currently the chief development officer at the Institute for Advanced Study — a postdoctoral research center  — will assume his new position on Jan. 18, according to the University. He earned his bachelors’ degree from Lake Forest College in 1983, master of education from Harvard in 1989 and doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in 1996, according to a University press release.

Sandy Berger ’67, Former Clinton Adviser, Dies at 70

Former national security adviser Sandy Berger ’67 died in Washington, D.C. Wednesday at the age of 70. He served as the national security adviser for former President Bill Clinton from 1997 to 2000 and as deputy national security adviser from 1993 to 1996, according to the University. Berger died of cancer, according to a statement released by the Albright Stonebridge Group, a strategy and business advisory firm Berger led with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Berger was born on Oct. 28, 1945 in upstate New York.

Austin H. Kiplinger ’39 Remembered as ‘Legendary’ Cornellian

Austin H. Kiplinger ’39, personal finance publisher and chair emeritus of the Cornell Board of Trustees, died Friday of cancer. He was 97. Kiplinger, a noted philanthropist and benefactor of the University, became a trustee in 1960 and led the board from 1984 to 1989. He died at a hospice in Rockville, Maryland, of cancer that had metastasized to his brain, his son Knight Kiplinger ’69 said. Born on Sept.

Vehicle Crashes Into Rand Hall Early Sunday

Updated Sunday at 3:30 p.m. with additional information

One student is left with serious injuries following an early Sunday morning vehicle crash into Rand Hall, according to the Cornell University Police Department. Authorities responded to a report of a single vehicle crashing into Rand Hall at approximately 1:40 a.m. Sunday. Police say they believe that the vehicle, a silver-colored sedan, was traveling northbound on East Avenue when the driver missed the curve north of Lincoln Hall, left the road and crashed into the south wall of Rand Hall. The driver and one passenger of the vehicle were both freshmen at Cornell, according to an email sent to students from Prof. Kent Kleinman, dean of the College of Architecture, Art and Planning. The driver, who sustained serious injuries, was transported by ambulance to a regional medical center and remains in stable condition, according to police. The passenger, who was evaluated on the scene by Cornell Emergency Medical Services and Bangs Ambulance and initially declined transport to the hospital, was later treated for minor injuries.

Former Cornell Student Killed in Paris Concert Attack

Pierre Innocenti, a former student who spent several months at Cornell taking hospitality management courses, was killed in the terrorist attacks that shook Paris Friday night, The New York Times reported. According to the University’s media relations office, Innocenti was a visiting student for a semester in the fall of 2000. Innocenti, along with his cousin Stéphane Albertini, was in attendance at the Eagles of Death Metal show at the Bataclan concert hall. He and Albertini were among the 89 people killed when three men with assault rifles entered the venue and began shooting indiscriminately. Innocenti’s father said Innocenti and Albertini had been standing at the bar when the armed men barged into the Bataclan, according to The Times.

EDITORIAL: The Best Solution Against Food Insecurity?

Seeking to address the issue of food insecurity on campus, the Student Assembly voted Thursday to provide $320,000 towards Anabel’s Grocery, a proposed student-run grocery store. While working towards the eradication of food insecurity is a noble goal, we are concerned that those behind the S.A.-supported project do not comprehensively address the issue at hand. Investing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Students Helping Students Fund without research indicating that the store will find success on campus would be a risky decision for the Cornell community. The justification for Anabel’s Grocery is primarily the result of findings from the 2015 Perceptions of Undergraduate Life and Student Experiences Survey, in which approximately 20 percent of respondents expressed that they had skipped meals either “very often,” “often” or “occasionally” due to financial constraints. While this provides a stark portrait of the high costs of food on Cornell’s campus and in Collegetown, the PULSE survey provided only this much.

SCAZZERO | Haka Flocka Flame

Now the extent of my exposure to the rugby is personally only viewing one game, and watching Ross get completely beat up trying to play it on Friends. What I do know is that it’s like football except you throw backwards (because that makes sense), and the guys are super buff and don’t wear any pads when they play (which makes football players look weak). There are also these fun lift things they do where they basically build pyramids so a guy can get high enough to catch the ball. It’s big in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and is catching on in America at the collegiate level but is far from becoming a national league sport. And then there is the Haka.

CROSS COUNTRY | Cross Country Takes the Bronx

As the final stretch of the season rolls on, both the Red men’s and women’s cross country teams looked to cap off a season of highlights at the Ivy League Heptathlon in Bronx, New York. The teams competed against the other seven Ivy League schools; the men’s team was able to notch a fourth place finish while the women’s team fought for a sixth place spot in a very tight field. On the women’s side, junior Taylor Spillane was able to continue her strong season by securing a 10th place finish for the Red, coming in at a time of 21:33.4. Senior Caroline Keller was the next Cornelian to cross the line, finishing in eleventh place, and was followed by freshman Eve Glassgreen, who was able to achieve a 24th place finish to round out the top three finishers for the team. Losing to the UPenn in a tiebreaker and missing fourth place by five points, there are bittersweet feelings about the meet.