Beers, Band and Patios

South by Southwest (SXSW) occurs annually in Austin, Texas. All of your favorite websites have liveblogged the event, millions of camera-phone photos are available to recreate each second of each show in panoramic vision and enough scratchy audio has been recorded to fill your 80-gig iPod. I myself was probably photographed several times by magazines, zines, blogs, police cameras, nightlife photographers and friends. And not because I’m particularly particular, or because I have friends. But because I was there, and it’s 2009. The Internet knows more about my experience in Austin than I do.

Bird Names: Live Show Electric!

Bird Names is a band that reminds me of two things: fruits, specifically drupes, and Rube Goldberg machines. Alright, that’s unhelpful. But I’m just reframing the usual stuff. You see, Bird Names is an excellent band, abnormally resonant among the grey masses of pleasure pop. Typically, I’ll queue up a new band’s recordings and I’ll hear instruments. I’ll hear the drum kick, the layered guitars. When I first heard Bird Names, I thought of a fruit bowl: bright, colorfully cacophonous and, at the heart, juicy sweet. In summary, I was, and yet remain, very excited about Bird Names. How neat, then, that Bird Names is coming to Ithaca — to precious little No Radio Records!