New Interactive Training Could Prevent Suicide With Role Play

One out of every 10 students has seriously considered suicide in the past year, according to a 2006 survey released by The American College Health Association.
Universities are increasingly aware of the importance of suicide prevention programs for faculty and staff.
There is an “emerging trend of universities” training faculty and staff on how to “identify, approach and refer students who exhibit signs of mental distress to their campus counseling center,” Ron Goldman, CEO of Kognito Interactive, stated in an e-mail.
To address this need, Kognito has released At-Risk, an online training simulation, in 2008. At-Risk has already been adopted by several New York institutions, including John Jay College, City College of New York, Lehman College and New York University.

Cornell Fitness Centers Cut Costs During Recession

As every business responds to the trying economic times, Cornell Fitness Centers has been making adjustments to its business model as a result of the hiring freeze and self-imposed cuts.
Although the University budget cuts do not affect the CFC, the company has decided to impose its own financial constraints.
Tisha Tipping, director of CFC, explained that their business operations are separate from those of the University.