From left to right: Jessie Liu ’20, Lucas Goldman ’20, and Carly Arfman ’20

On the Grind: Consulting Edition

“Given I had never worked for a really large company, I had the image of these large firms as really well-oiled machines where everything was operating smoothly. It was reassuring and almost calming to see that there are mistakes along the way and no one’s perfect.”

Jonathan Epstein, Ethan Geller, Josh Thomas

On the Grind: Sales and Trading Edition

Sales and trading is one of the most coveted roles within the finance industry, which makes landing a summer internship very difficult for many Cornell students. Three undergraduates offered their best tips on how to break into and succeed in this exclusive career path. Johnathan Epstein ’20 is a senior studying policy analysis and management and minoring in business. Epstein interned at Citigroup for the summer and is returning full time. Ethan Geller ’20 is a senior studying economics and minoring in business who interned at Deutsche Bank for the summer and is returning full time to the Foreign Exchange Structuring desk.