Cornell Connection: Bill Maher '78

Let’s face it, Bill Maher ’78 is not the most loved of American comedian-cum-political-pundits on night time television. Bitingly honest, equally-oppurtune satirical and cutting to a fault, he’s alienated religious citizens, conservatives and liberals alike. And yet the one time host of the now-deceased Politically Incorrect and current host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher accepts his lot in life as the comedian who tells it straight. Here’s an excerpt of The Sun’s conversation with the infamous Cornell alumnus:

The Sun: We’ve read that you decided to start your stand-up comedy career while you were at Cornell. What inspired that?

Welcome to the Show

A recently released preview for an upcoming teen comedy presents the following scenario:
Hordes of college students file into an enormous frat house, inside of which partygoers find a full bar, Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling and a fire pit. At one end of the room, a famous rock-and-roll band is performing on stage; dispersed throughout, girls are pole dancing on platforms; and, even though the party is undoubtedly a wicked rager, everyone seems to enjoy a surprising amount of personal space. One character revels in the festivities, exclaiming, “This is insane!” His companion — obviously more versed in the ways of the world — retorts, “No, dude. This is college!”

This is (f)Artsy. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but we’re going to explain anyway.

Hey y’all, how’ve you been? We’ve missed you.

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