Critique of a Hotelie’s Napkin Swan

Many consider Cornell University to be the most prestigious college in the country for architectural design. It has seen cohorts of the world’s most qualified artists and engineers come and go. Lawrence Halprin ’39 won the National Medal of Arts in 2002. Richard Artschwager ’48 built altars for the Catholic Church and had his sculptures exhibited in the Whitney Museum. Hota Lee ’27 is next in a long line of Cornellian artists to endeavor to upheave the American sculptural tradition through the zoomorphic arrangement of fabric. 

The Statler Practicum is an opportunity for students in the Nolan School of Hotel Administration to experience the typical tasks of a hotel employee.

Hater Friday: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Like many young women my age, I love rewatching Gilmore Girls each fall. With the classic small town vibes and quirky cast of characters, I have always found it to be the perfect cozy show to watch when in need of comfort. However, the reunion show called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life from 2016 falls short and is frankly embarrassing. While I went into the show excited to see the familiar characters and setting that I have so enjoyed, I was sorely disappointed. First of all, the depiction of modern-day Stars Hollow is all wrong.

HATER FRIDAY | Slow Walkers

Before we begin hating, I would like to send some love to the fast walkers of Cornell’s campus. Fast walkers, this article is not for you; I have nothing but the utmost respect for you. I may be biased as a fast walker myself, but I believe you all deserve hearty congratulations for your public service of keeping campus moving and people getting to classes on time. Kudos to the few of you — never change. Of course, I will still decide that we are subconsciously racing and feel the need to beat you wherever you are going.

Hater Tuesday: My Biggest Book Pet Peeves

As someone who reads at least three novels a week, I consider myself a bit of a book connoisseur. I have devoured a number of excellent books, and I have also slogged through quite a few that were not my favorite. The sheer volume of literature I’ve consumed has allowed me to hone my list of dislikes, from physical flaws in a paperback or  boring storylines. 

Hater Tuesday: “Barbie” Was Bad

“Barbie” was certainly not the groundbreaking feminist film that everyone had said it was. In fact, I found it deeply misogynistic for several reasons, and it was discomfiting for me to see it being lauded as a masterpiece when it so clearly perpetuated many of the most harmful mindsets that modern day women are forced to overcome.

Slowthai’s ‘UGLY’ Is Anything But

On March 3, after a two-year wait, British rapper Slowthai finally released his third studio album UGLY, the successor to 2021’s Tyron. With its raw, introspective content and meshing of hip hop with a punk-focused sound, UGLY checks all the boxes for a hard-hitting, genre-bending record that will undoubtedly and deservedly draw critical acclaim for its ambition and emotionality. By the time Tyron dropped in early 2021, I had only vaguely heard of Slowthai from rumblings that had started from his debut album Nothing Great About Britain. That project was highly regarded right off the bat, so Tyron had a fair amount of hype behind it, which I would say it lived up to. Throughout its runtime, Tyron fairly consistently stays in the mold of a conventional, trap-influenced project, but this element of mainstream conformity doesn’t take away from it being a high-quality album.