Mastering Photo Exhibits: A Look at Cornell Birding

Between the broad variety of majors and minors and the seemingly countless selection of clubs, Cornell is an institution where even an engineer can host a photography exhibit, as Veronica Gluza M.Sc. ’23 did this Wednesday, Sept. 7.

Lynch: An Ode to the Weirdo’s Weirdo

As someone who is all three of those, the announcement of a David Lynch series at the Cornell Cinema was enough to make me giddy. But who is David Lynch, why is he so beloved and where can the less weird among us get started with his work? 

“Second of His Name” Recap

Since Alicent’s betrothal to the King, Rhaenyra and Alicent’s relationship has, um, deteriorated. Rhaenyra resists deferring to her ex-bestie, the now Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and Alicent tries, and fails, to reconcile things between them.

What I Found in the Earth

I will never feel so suddenly close to the sense of a Roman individual as I did finding — with a magpie glance — a little glass bead in the dust, rolled away from some necklace or bracelet into the shadows. I will never appreciate time’s relentless interment of human traces more than when I was brushing layer after layer of beaten or tiled floors, all stacked atop one another like one big earthen lasagna.


More often than not, the tattoos stand to memorialize something and represent an important part of someone’s story.

“Better Call Saul”: The End of an Era

The sixth and final season of Better Call Saul, which premiered on April 18th and culminated in a monumental finale on Aug. 15th, demonstrates the consistency of this heartrending realism pervading the sister series.