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GOULDTHORPE | Idols with Feet of Clay: #MeToo and John Lasseter

It’s been three months since The New York Times released its bombshell story about Harvey Weinstein. Since then, more and more sexual offenders have been brought to light, and the entertainment industry has been rocked to its core. I can’t even begin to name all the actors, producers and so on who have had allegations come to light against them. It’s become a huge movement, but has sparked some backlash too. So I figured I would put my own voice out there, focusing on one case that hit close to me and my field: John Lasseter.


Test Spin: CupcakKe — Ephorize

Ephorize, CupcakKe’s newest album, does not deliver a message or follow a theme based on the tracklist alone. It requires listening, but does not make a chore out of it, as the album is filled with fun and clever bars. CupcakKe, a female rapper from Chicago, has been in the spotlight since her 2016 mixtape, Cum Cake. After that, her 2017 album, Queen Elizabitch kept her momentum with its consistency and uniqueness. CupcakKe is nothing like Cardi B, Nicki Minaj or any other highly popular female rappers.


What were the Biggest Animated Hits and Misses in 2017?

2017 is over. Another year gone. I’d put more of the typical “new years” style fluff here, but I’ll just jump right into the story. Here’s some of my personal highlights from 2017:

The Lego Batman Movie


Warner Brothers delivered the first major animated release of the year, and they delivered a great film. It’s energetic, thrilling, pull-out-all-the-stops fun that we all really needed at that point, for one reason or another.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror: What Would Wilbert Do

I believe that we (“we” being those who watched the show, so yes, there will be spoilers) can all agree that “USS Callister” is the best installment on this season of Black Mirror. It had terrifying technology, surprising humor, an introspective meaning and plot twists that make M. Night Shyamalan gasp. But, it’s really the technology that I am concerned with. Since we are on the same page, here is the question: What will we do if the Black Mirror world arrives? Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror paints a universe that takes place in the future.


The Disaster Artist: A Good Movie from a Bad Movie?

If you’ve never seen The Room, let me explain it to you. Most bad movies suffer from a disjointed plot or weak characters. The Room transcends into a different plane. There is a fundamental misunderstanding of how humans act and perceive the world. It’s regarded as one of the worst movies ever… and yet has gained a cult following that’s kept it popular since its release 14 years ago.


Blue Sky’s “Ferdinand” Delivers Some Heart, Some Groans

With all the hubbub over Star Wars, it’s easy to forget that any other movies came out this past weekend. Alongside the box office juggernaut came Ferdinand, the latest entry from Blue Sky Studios. Ferdinand is based off the 1936 classic children’s book, The Story of Ferdinand. It’s a story of a bull who doesn’t want to fight, but instead wishes to smell flowers. When he’s thrust into the arena, he ignores the provocations of the bullfighters and others.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review Roundup

Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released Friday to mixed-but-generally-positive review among The Sun’s Arts and Entertainment Staff. Several staff members contributed short reviews, and here are the main points: 

The film played along with the established Star Wars plots and themes, but added some originality that was lacking in The Force Awakens. Mark Hamill’s Luke was more impressive than ever. Some of the character development and one of the subplots fell short. The battle scenes, lightsaber fights, and new planets met the necessary standards of excellence.


Humility, Loyalty, Business and Music — A Conversation with Zaytoven

For any fan of hip-hop, Zaytoven’s name carries a sense of royalty and divinity. However, even if you are unfamiliar with the name, you have almost certainly heard one his tracks; in 2013 Migos released the Zaytoven-produced “Versace” which would soon after became a global sensation following Drake’s contributions to the song. In addition to this mega-hit, Zaytoven has been responsible for countless other bangers including “Big on Big” by Migos. Zaytoven’s beats all have a trademark sound. The tracks begin with his signature calling card “Zaytoven” said in a baby-like, helium infused voice.


Cornell’s Newest Trappers: Maré and J Hall

I sat down in Temple of Zeus not knowing what to expect. Who were these two artists whose trap singles “Glue” and “WOA” have received over 46,000 and 19,000 plays respectively? How did two Cornell students decide to break out of the preppy, Ivy League mold and make, not just rap, but trap music? Go to any frat basement on a Saturday night and you’ll be sure to hear the pounding sounds of Migos, Future or Cardi B, the most prominent trap artists of our generation. Perhaps Cornell is about to become home to the next big trappers of the 2010s.