DENSON | Greatest Ever

“I’m the Jordan and Steph Curry of music, meaning I’m the best of two generations.” His highness, Air Yeezy, Kanyeezey, the self described “top-five of all time.” Kanye West was never one for subtlety, humility, sanity or self-awareness. But the creative genius has a habit of trolling pretty much anyone, especially the actual greatest of all time, his Airness Michael Jordan. At every end of Kanye’s never ending saga, I find that every tweet, conversation and news report from him is viewed as both absurd and as the words of a gifted madman. Then we go into the stratosphere of American sports, where players are quantifiably better than one another. Kanye wants a spot among the greatest.

DENSON | The NHL is Dead

Living in New Orleans for some time I quickly learned the regionalism of ice hockey. Blame the culture, poverty, lack of education or, most likely, the weather — whatever it may be, ice hockey is as niche as the readership of Emu Today and Tomorrow. The magazine serves the nation’s surprisingly vocal Emu-appreciator minority. But the Ostrich-wannabe bird is still alive and well in its home region of Australia — other places not so much — exactly like how hockey thrives in its native Canada but struggles in the U.S. compared to the other three major sports.

DENSON | The Rise and Fall of Jason Collins

Time Magazine is no stranger to controversy. At the turn of the century the editors’ original choice for the Time Person of Century — Adolf Hitler — was shot down like the man’s Luftwaffe planes over London. Jason Collins, the famous homosexual 7-foot center, was one of Time’s Top-100 most influential people in the world last year. Does a man who would otherwise be completely unnoteworthy in the NBA deserve this kind of attention? Coming out has changed Jason Collins’ life — and the sports world — forever.



As the World Series rolls around every American Jew asks themselves the age-old question: are there any members of the tribe in this years Fall Classic? For this year, the answer was no. Owners and General Managers do not count (sorry Fred Wilpon), but if they did count we wouldn’t even have to ask the question. Jews and athletics are often thought as antonyms, but there are exceptions- as we can see with America’s pastime. So who are the greatest Jewish Baseball players of all time?

DENSON | NBA Rappers

This isn’t the world of Lil Wayne, Lil Jon or even Lil Dickey. It’s the NBA. Life is good for most NBA stars. With money, talent and fame, what else is there? It’s more money, talent and fame.