Cornell Law School Announces Major Expansion in Permanent Faculty

The recent addition of six distinguished legal scholars signifies an expansion of permanent faculty at Cornell Law School. The scholars bring with them diverse expertise in areas such as constitutional law, international law, evidence law and commercial litigation.
Stewart Schwab, dean of the Law School, explained that plans for this faculty expansion took shape during a self-review of the that began several years ago.
“Back in 2003 the law school faculty did an extensive self-study and evaluation,” Schwab said, “and there was a consensus that the school needed to expand its faculty, particularly its research faculty.”

C.U. Population Program Receives Gov’t Grant

The Cornell Population Program’s progress toward its goal of becoming a leading center for national and international demographic research has been significantly boosted by a $1.15 million grant awarded by the National Institutes of Health.
Each year, the NIH’s Demographic and Behavioral Science Branch awards one such grant to a new program showing the greatest promise of becoming a top population research center. The grant money, which began to flow on August 15 of this year, will be spread over a five-year period.
It will be used to support the development of the CPP’s infrastructure as well as its research, which focuses on three main areas: families and children, health behaviors and disparities, and poverty and inequality.

Continental Airlines Begins Flight Service to Ithaca

Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport made a surprising announcement last week that it would expand service with the addition of Continental Airlines flights. This comes in the midst of service cutbacks across the country as airlines struggle to deal with skyrocketing fuel costs.

Larry Baum, President of the Ithaca Air Service Board, announced during a July 1 meeting of the Tompkins County Legislature that the airport would welcome back Continental this October. Continental, which left the airport in 1996 due to inadequate demand, plans to offer four daily non-stop flights from Ithaca to its hub, Newark Liberty Airport.

Baum also said that, beginning in August, Northwest Airlines’ morning flight from Ithaca to Detroit will be upgraded to a larger plane.

Fukuyama ’74 Talks On Policy Post Bush

Francis Fukuyama ’74, the Bernard L. Schwartz Professor of International Political Economy at Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, addressed the follies of Bush and his advisors and the challenges that a new administration will face yesterday evening in a lecture entitled “American Foreign Policy after the Bush Administration.”

Weill Professor Weighs the Trials and Tribulations of Parkinson's

Last night, Weill Medical College Professor Harriet Baker gave a talk entitled “New Frontiers — Humanizing the Scientific Process” in Goldwin Smith’s Kaufmann Auditorium. Baker, a faculty member in the Neurology and Neuroscience department, addressed the causes, treatment, and ethics of Parkinson’s disease in her discussion.
Throughout the seminar, Baker drew on her own experiences as a Parkinson’s patient who has dealt with the disease for over 11 years.

Local Universities Discuss Safety in Year After V-Tech

Last night, the Campus Community Coalition hosted a public forum entitled “Post–Virginia Tech: Update on Local Campus Preparedness” at the Africana Studies and Research Center to discuss changes in the emergency response system.
The CCC is composed of Cornell, Ithaca College, and Tompkins Cortland Community College staff, as well as students, neighbors, local law enforcement and other individuals with an interest in community safety.

Common Council Adds Plot of Land to Future Hotel Site

Last night in Ithaca City Hall, the Common Council voted to approve the sale of a 2,140-square-foot plot of city land to Long Island developer Jeffrey Rimland of Ithaca Properties, LLC. The plot on the corner of Green St. and Aurora St., in addition to adjacent land the developer already owns, will be the site of a $17 million, 102-room hotel that will be leased by a chain.
The Common Council’s vote followed that of the Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency, which unanimously approved the sale on Feb. 28.[img_assist|nid=29465|title=Making requests|desc=Audrey Cooper petitioned the Common Council for uniform wages on behalf of the GIAC Board yesterday.|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]

Frosh Reading Project Focuses on Civil War

Next year’s New Student Reading Project book is Garry Wills’ Pulitzer Prize-winning Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words that Remade America, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Michele Moody-Adams announced on March 12.
Each incoming freshman and transfer student will be sent a copy of the book to read over the summer. During the orientation period and throughout the rest of the next academic year, Cornell will host group discussions, lectures, film showings, library exhibits, panel debates and other events promoting intellectual conversation about the book.
Moody-Adams said that author Garry Wills will probably speak at Cornell.

Looming Credit Debt Threatens Students

Financial problems are now the number one reason for students dropping out of college, according to a recent study conducted by the company Duck9. The survey of 14,500 students at 15 colleges concluded that 38 percent of college dropouts left for financial reasons, as compared to the 28 percent who left because of academic disqualification and the 13 percent who left because college for social reasons.
The fact that more students currently leave college for financial reasons than for academic ones is a statistical landmark, said Larry Chiang, founder and CEO of Duck9. Chiang believes that the increase in financial pressures on students largely due to changes in student credit card spending.

Hotelies Host Industry Leaders

Delicacies like Norwegian lobster tails on mango mint salsa and chocolate mousse with mango and passion fruit sorbet marked chef Michel Roux’s visit to Cornell on Feb. 16. Roux came to Cornell as part of its 19th annual Guest Chefs Series, which brings renowned chefs from around the world to the School of Hotel Administration’s instructional kitchens.
The 24 students taking H ADM 403: Specialty Food and Beverage Operations: Guest Chefs, worked in teams to organize, market and staff the $150-per-person event. Several students assisted Chef Roux in the kitchens of the Statler’s Taverna Banfi.