KEMPFF | The Unspoken War for Campus Parking 

It should be the newest varsity sport at Cornell: racking up parking tickets. You’ll hear stories about how many these “athletes” have this semester: 10, 11. Like true sportsmen, these drivers trade stories about the spots to use and avoid. The Gates Hall bus stop lets you hide in plain sight. I’ve never seen a ticket in front of Bartels Hall.

KEMPFF | We’re Not Ivy League Material

Collapsing pools. Broken and molding locker rooms. A legacy team being pushed from central campus. 

These are just some of the milder complaints raised by Cornell student athletes when asked about their facilities. To many people in athletics, it’s become sort of a sick joke — Cornell continually underfunds its athletic facilities. 

As Cornell announces new ambitious academic buildings, like the multimillion dollar Bowers CIS building, years of pent up frustration builds. Decades of inadequate maintenance and investment has put Cornell years behind its competitors — especially its Ivy League peers. 

The joke has been going on for long enough. It’s time that Cornell invests more seriously in its athletics program.

KEMPFF | What Cornell Got Wrong About Housing

Cornell has spent millions of dollars to build these new palaces. Instead of a happier student body, however, these dorms may have the opposite effect. For multiple years, The Cornell Daily Sun has reported on the isolating nature of the new dorms. 

KEMPFF | Living in Hockeyland: On the Documentary and Cornell

Like the small communities featured in the film, hockey is the only sport in town at Cornell. Compare the crowds at Cornell’s homecoming football game to a preseason hockey game and you can clearly see the importance of hockey here. It’s an especially relevant film that all Cornellians should watch, as it will give you a better appreciation for the game and those who play it. 

KEMPFF | We Need More College Bars

Bars bring much of the excitement back to college. A big part of college is the opportunity to make new friends. It’s easy, however, to fall into the same social ruts. You hang out with the same people in your Greek organization or social group every night. On the off chance, such as a short planned dinner or a quick chat in the library, you might be able to catch up with your freshmen year friends.

KEMPFF | Creatures of the Cocktail Lounge

The creature was nearing its wit’s end. They’d wandered campus, trying all manners of species and their study spots. All they had to show for it was a half-finished problem set and a caffeine headache. Dejected, they headed for the one place they could think of: the slope. 

KEMPFF | Professional Orgs Haze Too 

Business organizations often host social events, many of them with a heavy drinking influence. Unlike fraternities and sororities, which follow strict event registration rules, these clubs operate as they choose. I’ve personally witnessed binge drinking and unsafe conditions at the hands of these organizations.