Ithaca Bites: Sushi O Sake

The first time I encountered Sushi O Sake (107 N. Aurora St.) was when I was with my girlfriend in the commons; she gestured over to a bright yellow façade and suggested we try it out. I was a little hesitant, for it usually follows (at least in my head it does) that the more garish the outside of a restaurant is, the more likely it is to have mediocre food. Not so in this case. The interior seemed to be antithetical to the exterior: it was sleek, well-lit, and relatively quiet even though it was half full of people. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised.

Stripping Away Naïveté

When one of my friends decided to have a guys’ night out for his birthday (I’m not sure if he wants his name revealed, so we’ll just call him “Dave”), I thought that was a pretty sweet idea. Since we weren’t 21, bars were kind of out. I, blissfully unaware, figured we would find something cool to do. We did not. “Dave,” some guy named Girish, and I got into the car and the decision was made to go to a strip club.

I suppose even the middle of nowhere has to have naked women dancing around poles. It’s the American way. We found the only one around (10 miles away in Enfield) – Kuma Charmers – and decided to check it out.

Record Review: Stars

With the concert approaching on Sunday, I decided to look at a project that contains three of the members of Broken Social Scene (Torquil Campbell, Amy Millan and Evan Cranley), Stars. They followed up their successful Set Yourself On Fire with this year’s In Our Bedroom After the War, and for me, it was like talking to an old friend I haven’t seen in a while. Stars keeps the things they are known for, specifically strong lyrics and vibrant orchestrations, and makes it all sound more grown up.

A Sticky Situation

During my tenure here at Cornell, I have received quite a few Big Red blows of mental anguish. From realizing there’s a term paper due yesterday to forgetting about a prelim that’s in 12 hours (you laugh now, but wait until it happens to you), Cornell can really stick it to you. However, one famous Cornellian found a way to stick it right back, literally: Harry Coover, Cornell M.S. and Ph.D. recipient, the inventor of superglue.

Record Review: Earlimart

Honestly, I am not easily impressed. However, when I first heard L.A. based indie-rock band Earlimart’s new album, Mentor Tormentor, I was just that. Their sound has often been compared to that of The Pixies and Pedro and the Lion, yet with Mentor Tormentor, as well as 2004’s Treble & Tremble, they move away from their punk roots and toward a sound that is more lush and evocative.