Larger Class Size Forces Housing Squeeze

In anticipation of an increase in the size of its incoming freshman class, Cornell is preparing to adopt a flexible housing plan to accommodate the needs of its students.
The University, expecting to enroll 3,150 students, 100 more than the usual exepected freshman class size at Cornell, will likely have to implement a similar housing arrangement for the Class of 2013 as it had done for this year’s freshmen class.
Cornell was able to free space this year on North Campus by expanding doubles into triples, forcing an more cramped but necessary living situation for some freshmen.

Elements of Style Celebrates 50 Years

This April, the famed collaborative work of two Cornell alumni, William Strunk Jr., grad, 1896, and English professor, and E.B. White ’21, The Elements of Style celebrates its 50th anniversary.
Known today as a universal guide in stylistic and grammatical writing for students, The Elements of Style’s history connects two generations of Cornellians.
Originally written in 1918 by Strunk, this “little book,” as White constantly referred to it, laid down the foundation for efficacious writing.
Strunk was able to consolidate the handbook by narrowing down the principles of writing to only eight basic rules of usage, 10 principles of composition and “a few matters of form,” according

Historians Celebrate Black Presence in Ithaca and NYC

In celebration of Black History Month, Cornell faculty, students and administrators gathered at a panel discussion called “A Brief History of Black Education in America: Ithaca and beyond” yesterday to look back on the cultural impact of black education in America.
Moderated by Eric Acree, director of the John Henrik Clarke Africana Library, the discussion began with a reflection upon African American education in historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the mid to early 19th century.
At that time, African Americans were restricted in their opportunities for higher learning. The HBCUs tried to fill the gap by providing “a rich set of educational programs,” said Ira Revels, senior associate librarian at Olin Library.