Let's Rock: Apple Unveils New iPod Lineup

Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation from the company’s annual September iPod event just ended in San Francisco. The rumor mill got it pretty much spot-on this time around, with almost every announcement having been predicted beforehand by the blogs. Some highlights from the show:

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A Postcard from New Haven

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Greetings from sunny New Haven! Actually, today was overcast, raining, and cold (although not quite as bad as it is in Ithaca, for sure), but after a five-hour trek from the Hill down to Connecticut, we’re here nonetheless.

Why, you ask? The Yale Daily News hosted a conference this weekend on the web operations of college newspapers, and I came here with a delegation from The Sun, including Assistant Web Editor Mike Wacker ’10 and editors emeritus Julie Geng ’08 and G. Scott Russ ’10, to attend the conference. We’re all really excited to be here; every paper does things differently, so everyone had some experience to share with each other.

2008 NCAA Basketball Tournament Coverage

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NCAA Basketball Tournament 2008
Welcome to March Madness.

This is it. After phenomenal seasons, both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have won the Ivy League and earned bids in the NCAA tournament. Join us here as we follow both squads’ tournament travels through the crazy month of March.

20 Years in the Making: Blogging from Anaheim Sun Senior Writers Josh Perlin and Harrison D. Sanford will be traveling out to Anaheim, Calif. for the men’s first-round game against Stanford. Follow their trip, including live updates from the game, on their blog.
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NCAA.com Logo
Visit NCAA.com for full coverage of March Madness.

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