Record Review: 2 Pac

In the second installment of Nu Mixx Klazzics, 2 Pac’s thoughts and words are brought back to life with help from additional vocalists, new instrumental work and other extra additives. Classics “Hail Mary,” “2 Of Americaz Most Wanted” and “How Do U Want It,” each part of the original Nu Mixx track list, make their second appearances in the series.
The highlight of this collection is the new version of “What’z Ya Phone #,” originally from 1996’s All Eyez On Me. Pac’s lyrics come alive and are clearer than ever over a slower, almost Screw-like, beat. The discrepancy between the lethargic music and Pac’s hyped up lyrics make the listener really pay attention to everything he says.

Uncommonly Innocuous

The first track on Chicago rapper Common’s latest effort, Finding Forever introduces the soft, pleasant and jazzy sound that makes up a lion’s share of the record’s instrumental work and it is perfect. The music is well made and nice to listen to. But, too much of a good thing can have negative consequences.
For the most part, the similarity in the music of each track creates an effect that makes listeners feel like they are hearing one very long song, and not a diverse, musically compelling album. Except for a few stand out exceptions, very little of the material is successful in grabbing — let alone maintaining — attention.

Review: Red Gone Mild

Daze reviews Redman’s latest

3 out of 5 Stars

Redman doesn’t quite deliver on his latest effort, Red Gone Wild. As a whole it is rather mundane, lacking memorable beats, lyrics and anything else. It isn’t bad. It just isn’t really good either. The problem is that there’s nothing to grab the listener’s attention.

Stepping Out of the Shadow

“It’s about to go down!” Those words begin Young Buck’s sophomore effort, Buck the World, and he couldn’t have been more accurate. For the next seventy minutes, G-Unit’s Dirty South ambassador launches a high intensity lyrical assault, which begs the question, “Who is the G-Unit general?”

Sometimes the Truth Hurts

Ludacris and DJ Green Lantern, two of hip hop’s most notable artists, team up to produce The Truth Shall Set You Free. Unfortunately, The Truth is that this collaboration is not what it could have been. The album is saved, however, by the unmistakable voice and rhythm of rapper Ludacris with the production work of DJ Green Lantern, commonly referred to as The Evil Genius.

Reinventing a Southern Flow

On his fifth effort since signing with Def Jam in 2000, Ludacris spits nothing but heat. Release Therapy comes equipped with the same quality that hip hop fans have come to expect from one of ATL’s most recognizable MCs. Luda keeps listeners on their toes, seamlessly moving from rapid fire, to a slow flow — all in the same phrase. And the entire album is filled to the brim with witty metaphors: “catch me on more 24s than Kiefer Sutherland” and, “ I stay in heavy rotation like a washing machine.”

A Full Moon of Fun

Daze celebrates the Lunar New Year at the Johnson

The Johnson Museum ushered in the Year of the Pig with a most extravagant affair last Saturday. From the Buddhist blessing recited by monks from the Namgyal Monastery, to The Story of Ong Tao performed by the Cornell Vietnamese Association, the afternoon was rich with Asian culture and history.

A real 'Night at the Museum'

Forget frat parties; the place to be this past Friday night was the Herbert
F. Johnson Museum of Art. In an event that lasted until 2:00 a.m., the Museum Club hosted an affair that had everything one could want in a fun-filled weekend night.

A Warm Welcome On A Cold WInter Night

With food and drink aplenty, art lovers from all walks of life gathered in the lobby of the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art for the Opening Reception for Winter Exhibitions this past Friday.

Anticipation built as hungry minds craved the start of the festivities. Then, with a subtle, yet strong explosion of sound from the Molly MacMillan Trio, the night was off and running. Some art aficionados remained in the main lobby, where large hair screens full of Chinese characters watched over the extravagant affair. Visitors munched on delicious snacks, ranging from quesadillas to cheese and crackers, and enjoyed a variety of beverages. Others meandered from room to room, drinking in the newest work to grace the museum walls. With six new exhibits being shown, and painter Jim Hardesty giving a brush painting presentation on the top floor there was enough art to satisfy even the most insatiable connoisseur.

Of Montreal

Continuing their shift toward more electronic based music, Georgia’s Of Montreal, cooks up a wild mix of instruments and sounds in their latest effort, Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? Their newest album is an impressive assemblage of genres including rock, techno, hip hop, and funk.