Green Café Set to Provide Alcohol at Full-Service Bar

After less than six months since its grand opening, the Green Café is already making a major addition to its offerings. This Thursday, Green Café, at the corner of College Avenue and Dryden Road, will be opening a full-service bar and adding alcoholic cocktails to its burgeoning selection of upscale food and drinks. According to staff, the bar will offer over 200 varieties of liquor, beer on tap and a special bar menu prepared by a new chef.

Chi Alpha Funds Halted

Last night, the Student Assembly passed Resolution 41, supporting the initiation of an S.A. investigation into the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship and endorsing a previous Student Assembly Finance Commission decision to temporarily suspend Chi Alpha’s funds due to a suspected violation of University Policy. Chi Alpha, which is a registered student organization and receives funding from the SAFC, came under fire this week after it was released that an openly gay member had been asked to step down from his leadership position in the group.

Hundreds Debate in Model U.N.

560 students from 36 high schools around the world congregated in Ithaca this weekend to attend the annual Cornell Model United Nations Conference. This year’s conference attracted students from Hong Kong and South Africa, and generated an atmosphere of eclectic intellectual discussion for aspiring social thinkers and political debaters.
The Cornell International Affairs Society introduced the conference at Cornell in 2002 to provide an interactive political debate experience for both its hosting collegiate members and for visiting high schools delegates.

Expert Explores Israeli-Palestinian Affairs

Robert Malley, the program director for Middle East and North Africa at the International Crisis Group in Washington, D.C., addressed a modest crowd inside Goldwin Smith’s Hollis E. Cornell auditorium yesterday evening.
Malley, who is widely regarded as an expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, gave an insider’s perspective on the nature of the crisis and offered a uniquely anecdotal appraisal of the problems currently facing Israel, Palestine and the United States.

S.A. Candidates Argue Their Cases

Last evening, candidates for various Student Assembly positions gathered to answer questions and present their platforms for the upcoming elections.
In a formal question and answer period, representative candidates for each undergraduate school, as well as minority liaison, international liaison, representatives-at-large and executive slates, were given time for opening statements and were then asked to answer questions from current S.A. President Ryan Lavin ’09 and Kent Hubbell ’68, dean of students. Afterwards, candidates themselves were allowed to interrogate their opposition, prompting spirited discussion.
The audience in the Straight’s Art Gallery was comprised mostly of candidates and current SA members.

C.U. Grads Network Through Young Alumni Committee

Correction appended.

No matter how confident graduates might be about their future job prospects, in the turbulent atmosphere of today’s economy the outlook is grim. Now more than ever, graduates are relying heavily on their abilities to network with alumni who are often willing to advocate for, and even employ, former Cornell students.
Julia Levy ’05 is the chair of the Young Alumni Committee in New York — a program to better accommodate recent Cornell grads in a developing job market. Originally from Atlanta, Levy moved to New York City after graduating from Cornell and began searching for resources through which she could contact alumni. After attending an organizational meeting for the YAC, she decided to join.