Students Break Matzah Over Seder Table

Transforming from a track to a dining room, Barton Hall seated 50 tables of Cornell Jews and non-Jews last night as students celebrated the first night of Passover at Cornell’s Super seder. As in years past, Cornell Hillel hosted The Super seder in coordination with Cornell dining.

Guest Lecturer Gives ILR Students New Perspective

About 60 ILR students saw their course work come to life yesterday when Patricia Kakalec, deputy bureau chief from the New York Attorney General’s Labor Bureau, lectured to two ILR classes taught by Prof. Kati Griffith, labor and employment law. Kakalec regaled students with real-life anecdotes of subpoenas, labor lawsuits and depositions.
While the focus of Griffith’s courses are the study of law, she explained that, “We study … what the law actually is, but students often don’t have exposure to real practice, real cases, what’s going on out there. So I brought [Kakalec] as somebody who actually enforces the law from the government’s point of view … I think students should get a sense of how things work in the real world.”

Cornell Lacks Plan to Ban Bottled Water

Washington University in St. Louis’ ban of bottled water, beginning this semester, has spurred discussion about bottled water on Cornell’s campus — should Cornell jump on the ban-wagon?
Cornell sells over 1,000 bottles of water per week. According to Cornell Dining, Bear Necessities sells an average of 50 20-oz bottles of water per day, and Libe Café sells an average of 128 20-oz bottles of water each day.

Kiss-In on Ho Plaza Protests Sexuality Bias of Valentines Day

Love — or, at least, lust — was in the air on Ho Plaza yesterday at 12:15 p.m. A group of roughly 20 students lined up to hold a colorful banner that read “QUEER KISSIN’ … in progress” and then proceeded have a queer kiss-in, which lasted about five minutes.
Direct Action to Stop Heterosexism sponsored the event, according to kiss-in participant Ashley McGovern ’09. She explained that heterosexism is “kind of like homophobia except heterosexism has to do with all facets of society … so the normalization of heterosexuality in society.”

[img_assist|nid=35098|title=A mouthful|desc=A group of students staged a kiss-in on Ho Plaza organized by Direct Action to Stop Heterosexism yesterday.|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]

Guest Lecturer Gives Insight Into 10th-Century Baghdad

Seventeen professors and students gathered around a table yesterday to hear Sidney Griffith, professor at Catholic University of America, speak about 10th-century Baghdad. Griffith used the personage of Yahaya ibn Adi, a prominent Christian Intellectual of the time, as a tool to describe Baghdad at the time: a society comprised of Jews, Christians and Muslims willing to correspond and talk with each other.

Students, Alum Discuss Future Of Sustainability Under Obama

Last night, over 20 Cornell students gathered around a dinner table to participate in a conversation that extended beyond typical dining hall chatter. Art Purcell Ph.D ’66, an environmental policy and sustainability expert, hosted the dialogue “What an Obama Administration Might Mean for Environmental Policy and Sustainability,” provoking many students to think about the importance of the integration of environmental and economic policy.
“We’re in an era where there’s hope again,” Purcell began. He continued to say that it is a matter of “timing and an efficient use of resources” to push the country towards a more sustainable and green future.

Student Leaders Brainstorm for Carbon Neutral Campus

For the 60 student leaders from various campus groups who attended Saturday’s “Deciding Neutrality: Generating Ideas” conference, the only thing cooler than being cool is being Carbon neutral. The discussion session — which was hosted by the Student Climate Action Plan Committee — was meant to spawn ideas and action to reduce Cornell’s carbon emissions.